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Karen Davila Proudly Shares How Son On The Autism Spectrum Voted For The First Time
  • Proud mom Karen Davila recently celebrated yet another milestone of her son, David, who is on the Autism Spectrum.

    In a post on her Instagram, the veteran broadcaster, podcaster, and vlogger wrote “PROUD OF YOU DAVID.”

    “What a milestone! David, now 20 years old, voted for the first time,” she gushed. 

    Together with the post were three photos the first one of her son proudly showing his inked index finger; the second, searching for his name and precinct number posted on a list on a wall; and the third, showing David with his Dad, DJ Sta. Ana, waiting in a long queue for their turn to vote. 


    In the same post, Karen narrated that a few weeks ago, David texted her asking whether he was registered to vote. “I was surprised that it mattered to him!”

    The ABS-CBN news anchor added that she was thankful her husband DJ, a former news executive and now a Senior Vice President at Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc., registered their son. Karen says  he ‘got very excited’ about voting.

    To be able to guide David through the election and voting process, Karen and DJ went through the sample ballots with their son.

    They explained to him what each candidate stood for and helped him come up with his list. On May 9, Dad and son went to the polling station and “stood in line for 4 hours to vote.” 

    Autism spectrum disorder

    Karen has always been open about David’s condition to help educate the public about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines it as a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain.

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    People with the disorder often have challenges in social communication and interaction that initially manifests from infancy to toddler years. 

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    Among these signs are avoiding eye contact, not showing facial expression, does not notice when others are hurt or upset, does not notice other children and join them in play, and does not play simple games like pat-a-cake.

    Children with ASD may also show behaviors or interests that may seem unusual such as playing with the same toys the same way every time, getting upset with minor changes, showing obsessive interests, or showing the need to follow routines. 

    In October 2021, Karen also shared how David survived a second full-blown epileptic seizure, the first episode of which happened in September 2020. 

    Alongside the many challenges David faces, Karen has also been generous with sharing her son’s many progresses and triumphs. 


    On her Instagram this year, she shared how her son has taken to painting, calling him “Our very own Van Gogh.” 

    She shared a photo of his son showing his painting to another news anchor Gretchen Fulido.  

    “As a mom of a special child, it makes me SO GRATEFUL and HAPPY that David is aware, concerned and very present in the moment!” she writes. 


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    She reminds the public that kids in the Autism Spectrum can live better lives if parents intervene early. “As a parent, this is the best gift we can give them!” she ends punctuating her sentences with heart emoji. 

    A thankful Karen ended her post by expressing just how proud she is of David. “Love you David. You make me so happy! Proud of you anak!” 

    Congratulations on your new milestone, David, and of course to your dedicated parents for making sure you exercise your right to vote no matter what!

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