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Inspired by Her Son, Pinay Mom Launches Medical ID Bracelets
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Chona Rodriguez
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  • “One of my nightmares is that my son will run off into an open elevator, and we will not be able to catch him before the door closes,” says Chona Rodriguez, mom to three kids: two girls and one boy. Her son, middle child and 14-year-old Patrick, has autism spectrum disorder and is non-verbal. 

    Any parent can relate to Chona’s personal nightmare. We reach for our children’s hands almost instinctively when walking in crowded places. We hold on to make sure they don’t get lost or wander off. For parents of kids with special needs, this fear is magnified tenfold. 

    “Ever since Patrick was a young boy, we made sure that he always had some sort of identification on his him,” says Chona. “Fortunately, we have not had an incident when Patrick got lost. But accidents do happen, and he can become increasingly adventurous.” Which is why Patrick is now never without his medical ID bracelet. “It lists his name, his condition, and our contact numbers. It’s important that he can be identified, and we can be contacted in case that he gets lost or wanders on his own.”

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    Medical ID accessories are bracelets, necklaces or tags that bear important information about the wearer. It’s often worn to signify that the owner has a medical condition. The tag will be able to provide vital information including allergies and medication should anything happen. Those who wear medical IDs are often adults and children alike with special needs, epilepsy, seizure disorders, dementia, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, asthma, to name a few medical conditions.

    Chona tells us that Patrick’s current medical ID bracelet was costly and a trouble to acquire. She couldn't find one locally so she to order from abroad. She had to pay for the metal with the engraved information, paid the engraving by line, and the band itself separately. Then it had to be shipped all the way from the U.S so one bracelet came at quite a cost.  

    So she decided to set up Patrick's Way to provide other Pinoy moms and dads with quality medical ID bracelets at a more reasonable and affordable price.  

    Patrick’s Way medical ID bracelets are made of high-grade silicone with metal tags that have enough space for five lines of information, says Chona. They’re ridged on the inside to allow for more air circulation between wrist and bracelet, lessening sweating that can make prolonged wearing uncomfortable. The bracelets are also completely waterproof (so you don’t have to take them off during bathing) and come with a box for safe keeping. 

    “As parents to someone like Patrick, we have the experience and motivation to constantly look for ways to come out with products that provide more empowerment, protection and security for individuals who may not be able to speak for themselves at a time of need,” the mom explains. “By making excellent quality medical ID bracelets available in the Philippines, we hope to raise awareness on the benefits of wearing one.”

    For inquiries and orders, email patrickswaycustomizedid@gmail.com.

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