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  • 5 Books to Help Your Child Get to Know Our Endangered Animals

    The whole family can be earth warriors in simple ways. Start with these books.
    by Rachel Perez .
5 Books to Help Your Child Get to Know Our Endangered Animals
  • You may think of the following as a cliche, but it doesn't mean it isn't true. Animals, big and small, on land or under water, will suffer if we don't take care of the environment. The next generation -- our children -- will not have a planet to call home if we keep ignoring the state of our ecosystem. And our family can be earth warriors in simple ways

    Every animal has its unique place, and when one becomes extinct, the whole ecosystem is affected. We don't need to look far -- there are many animals found only here in our country that needs saving and protecting. To help you, dear parents, teach the future leaders of our country about these animals, we highly recommend these children's books.  

    The Legend of Juan Pawikan and The 7,107 Islands
    By Celine Beatrice Fabie; illustrated by Benjor Catindig, P250


    Does your child think Crush from the movie Finding Nemo is cool? Well, this book tells the story of about Juan the pawikan (a marine turtle like Crush) who wanted to explore far away from the shore where he was born. It's what marine turtles do -- they leave their birth island to travel and return only when it's time for them to lay eggs. Juan's story aims to create awareness about marine turtles who don't get to live their lives because they are caught for money, or their habitat becomes polluted.

    Diwa The Dugong
    By Rachel L. Shaw; translated by Reynante V. Ramilo, P135

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    It tells the story of Diwa, a dugong (sea cow) whose home got all muddied and all the sea grass disappeared. In his search for food, he met a turtle and a whale shark who told him about a place where there's a lot of sea grass. He just needs to brave the oceans and seas on his own -- and not lose hope. What's nice about this book is it's bi-lingual so you can tell the story in English or Filipino.

    Old Big Ben
    By Mia A. Buenaventura, P100


    Billie, a sea horse, tells the inspiring tale of how his dear friend Old Big Ben, a whale shark, saved his and his friends at the cost of his life. It exposes kids to the people throwing trash in the waters and dynamite fishing and shows how it damages coral reefs and kills marine animals that live there. The book is even more compelling because it was based on a true story. 

    Here Among The Mangroves
    By Krissie Zamora-Martinez; illustrated by Jakin Martinez, P135


    If your kids haven't seen a mangrove forest up close (yet), this book will take the mangrove forest in Bohol and Palawan to your children. It introduces the many animals that live there such as the milkfish, mudskippers, blue crabs, and dugongs in the waters to the colorful birds, woodworms, and flying squirrels atop the bakawan (mangrove trees). The book also teaches kids the importance of preserving our mangrove forests.

    Mayumi The Forest Pig
    By Rachel L. Shaw; illustrated by Ingrid Camille G. Tan, P135


    The story follows Mayumi, one of the four kinds of warty pigs that can be found only in the Philippines, specifically in the islands of Negros and Panay in the Visayas. Her curiosity takes her to the different part of the forest but gets separated from her mom and her sibling. Her journey tells kids more about warty pigs and what they do, as well as the other animals she encounters. 

    Photos by Mark Jesalva. All books are available to purchase on Pumplepie Books & Happiness.

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