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  • 1. Amazing Me, Yoga for Kids by Nica Hechanova

    Amazing Me

    With poetry and illustrations by yoga teacher Nica Hechanova, this fun, colorful book takes your little ones through basic yoga poses such as downward facing dog, warrior, and tree poses among others. Because of the fun rhymes and cute yet calming illustrations, trying these classic yoga poses becomes a game your kids will want to play over and over!

    What I love: There's a section that teaches parents how to guide the kids into the poses. So even if you have no idea how to do yoga (like me!), you’ll be able to help your wee ones in their attempts.

    2. Lala Burara by Excel Dyquianqco and illustrated by Tintin Pantoja

    Lala Burara


    This story is funny and perfect for kids who don't pack away after themselves or clean their rooms. Lala, whose mom keeps bugging her to clean her room, only does something about it when her science project goes wild and begins attacking her and her mom!

    What I love: The exaggeration and all the cockroaches in the illustrations! Kids will totally enjoy getting grossed out!

    3. The Idea Jungle by Pam Marie Ang and illustrated by Bru Sim-Nada

    The Idea Jungle

    Brothers and best friends Miko and Rico love sharing ideas. But one day, Rico’s idea disappears! So the brothers venture into the idea jungle to find it. There, they are greeted by all sorts of ideas: round, sharp, bright, gloomy! With wild and wacky illustrations, this book is a definite treat to look at and read together with your child.

    What I love: The thought of an idea jungle because I always feel like my ideas vanish into thin air! Imagining there’s an idea jungle where my idea might be resting, hiding, or hanging out with other ideas is pretty cool.

    4. Jamie’s Best Friend by Paolo Bitanga and illustrated by Winnie Wong

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    Jamie's Best Friend

    Jamie’s best friend Rocco has to leave, so Jamie tries to find a new best friend. What’s so sweet about this story is that his dad notices no one else can fill Rocco’s shoes. So he dresses up as a best friend candidate. He thinks he’s fooled Jamie, but in the end, after a wonderful day of playing and doing stuff best friends do best, Jamie knows it was his dad all along.

    What I love: The illustrations of all the different best friend wannabes are hilarious! They all look like monsters and they all have their own quirks.

    5. Mister Beetle’s Special Guitar by Robert Magnuson

    Mister Beetle's Special Guitar


    Mister Beetle is fascinated by Cricket’s guitar. So one night, he creeps into his room and borrows it. As he tries to play, he accidentally breaks it! To make matters worse, Cricket disappears. Mister Beetle tries to fix things by making a new guitar but he can’t play it very well -- that is, until Cricket comes back with his fixed guitar, picks up the one Mister Beetle made, and makes beautiful music on it! It's even more beautiful than on his old one.

    What I love: How earnest Mister Beetle is. All he wanted to do was make beautiful music. In the end, he was given a triangle to play but throughout all this, he learns that he has a talent for making instruments!

    6. Zeke and the Pirates by Chinggay Labrador and illustrated by Wiji Lacsamana

    Zeke and the Pirates

    Zeke has always wanted to be a pirate, so when he falls into the pages of his favorite pirate book, he can finally get the chance to live his dream! Or does he? He loves the sea, the pirates, the captain, and the parrot, but there’s something stopping him from becoming the pirate the captain wants him to be. In the end, Zeke decides it is best to forge his own path.

    What I love: The book is written in poetry and it is a joy to read aloud to your kids (or even to yourself). And the lesson this book teaches is gold: Even if your most favorite people in the world do bad things, it doesn’t mean you have to do them too.

    Amazing Me is available in Fully Booked. Zeke and the Pirates is available here. All other books can be purchased at National Book Store.


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