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  • 6 Steps to Help your Child Adjust to a New School

    Going to school for the first time or transferring to a new school can be an exciting and scary experience. Here are some helpful tips to ease him into this new learning environment.
  • preschoolersSchool days are just around the bend!  Whether a child is just about to start school or will be transferring to a new one, parents play a crucial role in prepping up their kids for the new learning environment and helping them adjust to this ‘second home’.  Here are some tips:



    1.       Talk to your child.

    Whether your child is starting preschool or will be a grader this coming school year, talk to the child about the importance of going to school and how the new school would help him learn and achieve goals.  It is important to ask your child how he feels and what his expectations are about the new school. 

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    Questions may be like, “How do you feel about going to school?” “What are you excited about in your new school?” or “What do you hope to happen in this new school?”  You can then proceed to address his concerns.  For younger children who are not yet adept in verbalizing themselves, share your feelings about them going to school to establish its importance, “I’m excited for you to go to school!” “You will have new friends, activities, etc…”


    2.       Bring your child to the new school.

    It would ease the child’s anxiety if you bring him to the new school days before school starts.  It is likely that he has seen the school when he took the entrance test or interview, but another day to show your child around may help lessen his anxiety.  Show your child the classroom, canteen, library, etc. if the school allows it.  Get acquainted with some of the school personnel like the guard, the office staff, or teachers.  The importance of this mini-trip is to help them become familiar with the friendly faces to approach for help once in school.  



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