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  • Back to School: 4 Bonding Ideas for the Family

    Make back-to-school a family affair with these fun activities
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    Parents, it’s time to set the “back-to-school mode” ON.  Say goodbye to late night TV watching with the kids and get ready to brave the busy school days ahead. Here are a few tips on how you can make back-to-school preparations more fun and exciting for the entire family:

    1. The family that shops together, learns together
    Shopping for new school supplies as a family can be the ultimate back-to-school adventure for everyone. Make sure to involve the children in this fun activity, whether your family plans to brave the crowded streets of Divisoria or go to your ever reliable bookstores in the mall.

    You can make shopping an instant learning session on family budget.  Sit down with your kids to discuss your shopping plan (what to buy, where and when to shop, etc.) and decide as a family on how much will be spent for new school supplies this year. This will help your kids sort their shopping lists and stick to the most important ones.  If they were able to save some money from their “summer jobs”, let them use it to buy school essentials like a trusty pair of shoes, a school bag or favorite writing tools.

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    Involve your children in the whole process of school supplies shopping. You will be surprised at how this experience can motivate them to go back to school with their well-planned and hard earned school stuff.  

    2. Get crafty and go back to school in style
    Think of creative notebook cover ideas and set a family date to start this DIY activity. You can turn this into an enjoyable and wonderful bonding time with your kids.

    Let them think of unique ways to dress up their notebooks. You can find inspiration on Pinterest and watch video tutorials to make this activity easier. Encourage them to use recycled materials at home, such as paper bags, magazine pages and scratch papers. Kids can also apply what they have learned in their summer art workshops by painting  on plain canvas bags which they can also use in school.  

    3. Help other children, too
    “We try to raise our kids to be socially conscious and sharing their pre-loved school essentials to children who are in great need is one way to do this,” says April Cruz-Valencia, HR business partner and mother to Tori, 9, Cary, 6, and Yuli, 4.


    April shares how Tori, her eldest daughter, carefully sorted her old clothes and books which she planned to donate to charity. “Our family personally handed the gifts to the children in the orphanage. We hope this meaningful family activity before classes start inspired our kids to appreciate what they have and reminded them to always be helfpful and more compassionate to others.”

    4. Ready, set goals
    Why not set a dinner date and chart together your family goals for this school year?  Parents can start the “meeting” by sharing the highlights (both high and low points) of the past school year. Encourage your kids to share their fears as they move up to the next level. Listening and talking about school matters as a family will tell your kids that they are not alone and you are all in this life journey together.

    Wake up early. Come to school on time.  Join the Math Club. Meet music buddies in the Glee Club.  These are some examples of simple goals that can motivate your kids, but don’t forget to set your goals as parents too. Act as cheerleaders and affirm them as they brave the challenges of this new academic year.  Balance your academic goals with extra curricular plans so children can still find time to enjoy while studying.


    Moms and dads, how do you get your kids excited for the new schoolyear? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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