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  • Bound to bond: The important role of bedtime stories on kids

    Learn the benefits of story telling in your child’s development.
  • bedtime storyMoms know that no matter how busy it gets in balancing work and home, interacting and bonding with your child in a fun way is essential to your child’s overall development. And one activity that strengthens this bond between mother and child is bedtime story telling.

    Bedtime storytelling is not only for putting kids to sleep; it enhances your children’s creativity and widens their imagination as well. According to child development expert Dr. Lillian Juadiong, stories encourage kids into “imaginary worlds where the impossible becomes possible, the fun never stops, and the endings are as happy as you can imagine.”

    Apart from improving the creative side of your kids, here are the other great benefits that bedtime story telling provides, according to Dr. Juadiong:

    Develops language, listening abilities, and oral communication skills. Bedtime story telling enhances your child’s vocabulary as you introduce new words and a variety of sentence structures in a particular language. Although the development of listening skills is the obvious goal of storytelling, it is important that the storyteller should engage the listener and encourage him to respond to the story by asking brief story-related questions during or at the end of the storytelling session. This way, interaction between the storyteller and the child will be created, improving the kid’s listening ability and oral communication skills.

    Provides exposure to new knowledge. Children’s books are a great way to introduce new concepts to children. Stories and illustrations go hand-in-hand in teaching your kids new ideas like a different animal or a certain toy. Small details in the story, such as size, shape, and color, are equally important as these can help your child distinguish the difference between two colors, two sizes, or two different shapes.



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