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Starting At P134 A Month, Subscription Fee Guide For Distance Learning Online Sites
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    Even before the COVID-19 pandemic happened, there were plenty of distance learning online resources already. Most of these are subscription-based and offer classes for different levels and subjects.

    Distance learning online sites

    The following are often used as after-school enrichment classes for kids enrolled in traditional schools or supplemental courses for homeschooling students. You will see that most provide curriculum for key subjects listed in the Department of Education’s learning competencies.

    Take note that the subscription fees are subject to change. I have indicated the ones that I have used for my kids’ homeschooling.

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    Splash Learn

    SplashLearn is a game-based learning tool for math, and we have used this online learning portal for math lessons. It is a good home learning companion that covers kindergarten to Grade 5 math topics.

    Parents can choose the goal (activity level, total screen time for the week, and the days of practice) for their kids for a given week. They get a preview of the available lessons in the curriculum, and the reports to track progress, performance, and accuracy.
    The interactive games and the rewards keep kids motivated to do more practice exercises.

    An annual SplashLearn subscription starts at US$2.75 per month (almost Php134) with access to up to three kids. https://www.splashlearn.com/


    IXL is a learning site that offers a K-12 curriculum for core subjects like math, language arts, science, and social studies). There are different IXL editions to choose from, depending on the country’s learning requirements.


    We have been using IXL (Singapore) for math and English for three years already. The subscription lets you access all lessons and levels from kindergarten to high school. It offers unlimited practice for topic mastery, has easy to challenging progressions, and provides analytics so parents can have insight into student performance, mastered topics, or “trouble spots.”

    All IXL skills correspond to a national curriculum. It also has rewards and printable certificates for the learners, which gives more motivation to complete different topics.

    IXL subscription costs about SG$20 per month (Php700) for math and English. Each additional child is SG$3 (Php106.50). https://www.ixl.com/

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    Moby Max

    Moby Max is a learning tool that offers adaptive learning in all K-8 subjects covering math, language, and science. It is a US-based curriculum that is K-12 compliant and aligned with our DepEd’s standards.

    We have used Moby Max for our homeschool leveling assessments. We would check and use online lessons like math, language, and reading skills. Unlike IXL, however, the platform does not give us the flexibility to choose topics for the given time under a particular subject.

    The child needs to complete the lessons based on how they are arranged in the system. Parents can see the learner’s progress and some high-level analytics like the percentage of skill completion at a given level. It offers game time to learners, sees the rewards they’ve won, and checks in on their progress.

    MobyMax’s yearly subscription starts at Php3,000 for one subject access. https://learningplus.ph/products/moby-max

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    Quipper is an online learning tool that empowers students to learn independently and at their own pace. The content of the platform is aligned with DepEd’s K-12 curriculum. It covers Grades 4 to 12 subjects like math, Filipino, English, science, Araling Panlipunan, and senior high school courses: STEM Specialized subjects and Applied Subjects for Academic Track.

    Homeschooling mom, Em, signed up for a Quipper subscription this year. She likes the interface, the lectures provided, and the 10-point quizzes at the end of the lessons. Her subscription gives her a separate account to assign homework and check on the examinations’ status or progress.

    Quipper subscription fee is at Php5,500 for the whole year per learner. https://www.quipper.com/ph/

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    ABCmouse is an early learning program, a fully online curriculum for kids ages 2-8. It covers subjects such as reading/ language arts, math, science, social studies, and arts.

    The program guides the child to the next path as he completes each lesson. The toll provides tickets and rewards for children to be motivated to continue learning. However, to see your child’s more in-depth progress or assign activities to improve their understanding of weaker subjects, a separate subscription to the Assessment Center is needed.

    ABCmouse subscription fee is about US$9.95 a month (Php483.23). https://www.abcmouse.com/


    KooBits is a digital platform to help children learn better. This is home-based blended learning for primary school math. The subscription provides unlimited access to worksheets with full solutions, video tutorials, and an app to track learning progress. The tool offers rewards and events for motivation for learners.


    KooBits fee is about US$108 per year per child Php5,245.19). https://www.koobits.com/plans


    AdaptedMind offers K-6 math and reading. The online program customizes each student’s learning experience. 

    The learner will have to start with the pretest to determine the starting point of the curriculum. The program will adjust the difficulty, address learning gaps, and provides a video to provide targeted help when a student misses a problem. Parents can check progress, reports, and grade completion.

    AdaptedMind subscription fee is about US$9.95 a month (Php483.23) that includes access to up to five children. https://www.adaptedmind.com/

    Que Sullano-Gavan, who hopes to study early childhood education and publish a book someday, is a licensed engineer who opted to stay home and focus on homeschooling her only child, Gab. She is married to fellow engineer Jinoe and together, they manage their website, www.filipinohomeschooler.com.

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