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Where to Find Free Printable Worksheets for Counting and Numbers
PHOTO BY John Morgan/Flickr; K5Learning.com
  • Worksheets are a great way to supplement your child's early learning, whether you're introducing new topics at home or she's already learning about them at school. Plus, you can use them to keep your child preoccupied at a restaurant or when traveling too. 

    Worksheets are available in bookstores, but there are great places to find free ones online. Just print and you're all set! For young ones starting out on simple math (number recognition, counting, shapes, etc.), here are a few to check out: 

    1. Education.com 

    We've already talked about Education.com from our list of resources for printable reading and writing worksheets. We're including it again because we like its math worksheets for kids from preschool to highschool. You'll be able to find activities on number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction, time, measurement, and more. 

    To download, you have to sign up either with your email, Facebook or Google account. In our experience, it's easy enough and takes less than a minute. Being a member also lets you create a collection to compile all of your child's favorite worksheets together.

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    2. GreatSchools.org

    GreatSchools is a non-profit organization that provides parents with educational resources including free printable worksheets on its website. For math, they have over 90 activities for preschoolers for topics like counting, addition, shapes, patterns and more. 

    One of its best features is the illustrations, which double as coloring pages. The activities they provide are some of the most creative on this list. It's definitely worth checking out.

    3. K5Learning.com

    K5 Learning has worksheets for preschooler number recognition and counting, shapes and colors, and simple math like patterns, measurement and subtraction. The activities can be a little simple at times and lacking in creativity, but they do cover a wide range of topics. 

    The worksheets are also arranged according to learning progression. So, your child starts with tracing numbers, then moves on to writing, and then counting. Every topic has several worksheets, ranging from easy to difficult. (Fill in the missing numbers sequence activities have 1-10, 1-20, 1-50 and 1-100 worksheets, for example.)

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    4. Samut-samot

    We've also featured Samut-samot in the reading and writing worksheets list -- it is one of the best resource sites for children’s worksheets in Filipino. 

    What's great about a lot of Samut-samot's math worksheets is they come in sets. The link to the shapes PDF file, for example, already includes seven pages of worksheets introducing shapes like bilog, tatsulok, parisukat, and more. You'll find that the same goes for the number tracing worksheets. 

    5. KidsAcademy.mobi

    Kids Academy has colorful, bright worksheets that are great for catching your child's attention. They also can be more costly to print because they are in color, but the worksheets are worth it. The activities are fun and the illustrations are enticing. They look like they came straight from a bookstore-bought activity book!

    But you do have to sign-up with your email to be able to get the worksheets. In our experience, this process is easy enough and takes less than a minute. They don't have an option for direct printing, however, so you do have to download the worksheets to print them. 

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