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  • bullyingWhether your child goes to a playschool or a big school, the reality is that he will encounter different personalities in his class. Chances are, there will be children who like to tease, whether it is due to their playful nature, a means to get others’ attention or a manifestation of how the child’s home life is. While we cannot control the teasing child, we can help OUR child deal with these kinds of personality so that they know how to handle similar situations.  

    1.    Stop, look and listen
    It is normal for a parent to feel for her child who is being called names, but hold your emotions and judgments. Allow your child to tell you what happened and note the facts like the words the other child used, what triggered the event, etc. Knowing the facts would help you be objective to see the situation and would help you gather the needed information in order to feedback it to the teacher.

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     2.    Take the cue from your child
    Some children handle teasing gracefully, while others find it offensive. After your child relays the teasing incident, ask him two important questions: “So, what did you do when he did that?” and “How do you feel about what happened?” You may be surprised at how children react and feel about the situation, as it may not be similar to your own.  

    When your child says, “It’s okay, mom, I know he’s just teasing. It doesn’t bother me much,” this means that your child has the ability to handle it well and you need to trust him. Affirm your child that he did well and encourage him to share with you such incidents if it happens again.

    However, if your child comes home in tears, compose yourself. Let him cry, give him a hug and offer to listen. Evidently, your child is affected by the incident, so once he collects himself, ask him to relay the story. You will be able to understand the impact better if you base it on your child’s response, and give him a better perspective.  


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