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  • No Salon, No Problem! 20+ Photos Of Parents Doing Quarantine Haircuts

    Should they leave it to the pros or is it a future career option?
    by Kate Borbon .
No Salon, No Problem! 20+ Photos Of Parents Doing Quarantine Haircuts
PHOTO BY courtesy of Facebook/Rizza Malonzo Tobillo, Azelia Mabilin
  • Under the enhanced community quarantine, most business establishments are temporarily closed. These include salons and barbershops, which means it’s going to be a while before most of us can have our hair professionally trimmed.

    Quarantine haircut: Yay or nay? 

    This has led to many deciding to give themselves or their loved ones haircuts at home, including many moms in our Facebook group Smart Parenting Village. We asked them to share their quarantine haircut stories, and they certainly delivered! While many haircuts yielded good results, some turned out… not as well. Check out the photos below and see for yourself!

    Mommy Cindy Balagtas captioned this photo, “Marriage is all about trust.” We couldn’t have said it better!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Cindy Balagtas

    It’s looks like Mommy Liana Malibiran did a good job, but she doesn’t plan on giving her husband another haircut. “Ayaw ko na ulitin, andami side comment e,” she wrote.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Liana Antonio Malibiran

    In the middle of the haircut, the clippers Mommy Aleya Malana Claud was using lost battery! “Kinabukasan pa namin natapos kasi hiram lang ‘yan,” she shared.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Aleya Malana Claud
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    Mommy Jan Aguila and her “frenemy husband” gave each other haircuts. She had fun messing with his hair, but little did she know he also had some tricks up his sleeve!
    PHOTO BY Jan Heather Muro Aguila

    Mommy Kaye Adoc and her husband collaborated to give their son a Mohawk, even dressing him up in a trash bag. His hair sure looks great!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Kaye Bryan Adoc

    Mommy Amae Vargas meant to give her hubby an undercut, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan. Thankfully, he wasn’t too upset about the results!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Amae Manalese Vargas

    Mommy Azelia Mabilin had to convince her son to let her give him a haircut, but we think it turned out quite well!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Azelia Mabilin

    After seeing her child constantly fussing with her hair, Mommy Dulce Abiday decided to trim her daughter’s locks. Looks like she’s happy with her look!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Dulce Abiday
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    Mommy Cherish Atabelo’s nearly cried over his haircut, saying it was ugly like his teeth. We think he looks great, though!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Cherish Lovely Atabelo

    Mommy Venxa Dimpas’s child was thrilled when he saw his new hairstyle. Sadly, other people didn’t seem to share that opinion!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Venxa Jose Dimpas

    “Epekto ng Koreanovela sa nanay niya,” wrote Mommy Ma. Katrina Labiano. “Sorry na anak…”
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Ma. Katrina Labiano

    Mommy Jessica Cruz used kitchen shears for her husband’s and son’s haircuts. “Tinatanggap pa naman nila ‘ko bilang bahagi ng pamilya,” she wrote. LOL!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Jessica Arellano Ilagan-Cruz

    Mommy Joanna Ulnagan’s plan: To shave off her husband’s beard. The result: Part of her husband’s hair also got shorn off.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Joanna Bondoc Ulnagan
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    Mommy Rizza Tobillo’s husband gave their son a trim, but it didn’t really turn out great. “Buti na lang pogi anak ko,” she wrote.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Rizza Malonzo Tobillo

    In keeping with a family tradition, Mommy Chai Rafer’s husband gave their son a “kalbo” look! Now he’s their “KKK (kinis, kintab, kalbo)” baby.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Chai Dannielson-Rafer

    We couldn’t help but LOL when we saw the result of the haircut Mommy Rob Sagun gave her hubby! She even went to the grocery and left him for a few hours with this hairstyle!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Rob Sagun

    Mommy Joya Lagrason modeled her child’s haircut after that of Park Sae-ro-yi in the K-drama Itaewon Class.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Joya Tardaguela-Lagrason

    What was supposed to be a barber’s cut turned into a “bunot” hairstyle. “Di naman siya nagalit kasi takot siyang makalbo,” Mommy Tin Dagui wrote of her hubby.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Tin Ilejay-Dagui
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    Because Mommy Jennivabe Allan didn’t have a razor, she used pet clippers for her husband’s hairstyle. She says he wanted to cry after seeing the results!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Jennivabe Allan

    “Hanggang tenga ‘yung bangs,” Mommy Rose Ann Bitagon wrote of her child’s new hairstyle. She still looks cute, though!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Rose Ann Gumidam Bitagon

    Mommy Alaine Alejandrino’s son used to have long, shaggy hair. Now he has a “zigzag road” for bangs!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Alaine Alejandrino

    Mommy Erin Medalla’s little boy ended up looking like a K-drama star after his haircut. Cute!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Erin Bautista-Medalla

    Mommy Pearly Schel’s hubby has been giving their son haircuts since 2019. She describes his new hairstyle as “parang naging hagdan-hagdang palayan.” LOL!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Pearly Schel

    Do you also have a quarantine haircut story? Share them with us in the comments!

    For the latest COVID-19 cases, check out our reportr COVID-19 case tracker. For the latest news and updates on COVID-19, check out reportr.world/covid-19.

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