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  • Home Schooling Your Child: The Advantages and Disadvantages

    Former educator turned full-time mom Vicky Alcordo shares the pros and cons of considering home school programs for your child.
    by Vicky Alcordo .
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  • homeworkWhy Parents Consider Home School Programs
    In recent years, many families have turned to a more untraditional form of educating their children - home school programs.


    There are usually several reasons for this:
    1.    First, some children have special learning needs, which can be met only through a very individualized system.
    2.    Second, a family’s lifestyle may necessitate a more flexible mode of education for their children.  This may be true for expats, military personnel, missionaries, and other families that travel or transfer often.
    3.    Lastly, there are many families today that would want their children to experience a well-balanced educational system that offers the following:
    a.    a sound academic foundation without the pressure of keeping up with grades or classmates;
    b.    one which also ensures that their children will imbibe the values most upheld by the family;
    c.    and one which allows their children enough time and energy to attend, not only to academics, but also to other hobbies and interests about which their children may feel passionate.



    The pros
    There are many advantages to doing a home school program with your children:
    1.    First and foremost, it is the most ideal classroom setting in which there is an individualized system of learning. Without the many distractions and pressures of the traditional classroom, this allows most children to understand deeply and master the skills and concepts taken on a daily basis.
    2.    There are also more chances for the student to connect these lessons to his daily life through in-depth discussions with one’s home teacher and at times, even with one’s siblings and family members.
    3.    Your children will also have more energy and time on a daily basis to pursue and hone their non-academic talents in art, music, sports, culinary arts, etc. This is especially advantageous for students who are gifted or who are struggling with some of their academic courses.


    Click here to read more about the advantages and disadvantages of considering home school programs for your child.

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