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You Are Your Child's First Teacher! 7 Websites That Offer Learning Resources For Free
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  • Can you start homeschooling your child on your own, for free? Absolutely — you just need a strong desire to teach your children.

    You have two options when you homeschool: you can enroll with a homeschool provider and be connected with a “school” (just like you would in the traditional form of education) for a yearly fee or be an independent homeschooler where all you'll need is to invest patience, time, and effort teaching your kids.

    How can I homeschool for free?

    There are many high-quality homeschool resources free and available online, where you can get a homeschool curriculum as well as printable worksheets, activities, and games. With these tools, you can teach your kids different subjects from math and science to art and physical education without having to spend a lot.

    7 free homeschool resources 

    If you do decide to become an independent homeschooler and you're worried about following the right curriculum for your child, you can download the K-12 Curriculum Guide from the Department of Education (DepED). Find it here.

    Here’s list to get you started.

    1. BBC Bitesize

    Although designed for homeschoolers in the United Kingdom, BBC Bitesize is a free homeschool resource that is open to anyone that needs online study support. It is specifically designed to help with the learning, revisions, as well as homework of distance learners.

    The site offers home learning for students with animated videos, as well as interactive activities and games. It provides resources for young learners starting from the age of 5.


    Bitesize probably has the widest range of resources from this list since it also has programs for learning foreign languages like Mandarin, Spanish, French, and German!

    2. Khan Academy

    Starting from just one man teaching his cousin, Khan Academy is now a 150-person organization providing homeschool resources not only for parents and learners, but alsof or teachers! This free home learning resource specializing in math and science aims to help students achieve academic success at their own pace.

    Its materials include practice exercises, instructional videos, and personalized learning dashboards, too! Looking at their pool of content specialists, you can see how Khan Academy strives to give not just free, but also quality resources.

    3. Starfall

    This website is a great homeschool resource perfect for preschoolers to the third grade, specializing in language learning. It incorporates phonetic awareness, systematic sequential phonics, as well as common sight words with their interactive audiovisual materials.

    The activities are products of intensive research, with programs that emphasize exploration, play, and positive reinforcement, which allows children to utilize their senses as they learn. It is also an ideal resource for parents who are looking for homeschooling options for kids with special needs.

    4. CK-12 Foundation

    The website was established with a mission to let everyone learn in their own way, with the philosophy that learning is a personal journey. The foundation also acknowledges that each child has a different pace for learning, with different interests and goals, plus varied needs.

    To address this, they are offering a library of free online textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards, and real world applications for learners in Kindergarten to 5th grade. For older kids, there are also subjects like science, earth science, biology, math, algebra, geometry, social, studies, and more for older kids!

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    5. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool 

    The website provides free homeschool resources for preschool to 8th grade with a Christian worldview. Here, you can choose the appropriate grade level for your child and modify the curriculum by adding more elements you think will interest them.

    As they say on their page, they exist to release families from the burden of pursuing the “perfect” and encourages them to let it be “enough.” This makes them the perfect resource site for homeschooling beginners, and ideal for religiously-oriented families.

    6. Go Noodle

    Kids also need physical activity and be engaged even while homeschooling. This app and website comes with various active games and videos to help you manage your child's energy levels.

    Try Zumba exercise videos, Wii-like sports games, or even mindfulness exercises to keep the brains active. Best of all, the features are free!

    7. Frontlearners

    This local website provides free learning resources starting Grade 1. The site is easy to navigate with a simple, organized style that makes it easier to find whatever you need!

    What separates this from the rest of the list is how the lessons are catered for Filipino homeschoolers. You can rest easy with the free resources they provide for Math, English, Filipino, and Social Studies.

    Want to have an idea what homeschooling will be like if you make the shift? Three families share their stories here.

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