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Kidzania's Latest Attraction Lets You Spot Your Child's 'Gift'
PHOTO BY Bruno Cervera/Unsplash
  • If you're planning a trip to Kidzania, its latest attraction may help moms determine the "job" fit for their kids' interest. 

    It's called the "Spot the Gift" Test, which you can find at the Talent Development Center, a collaboration between Promil Four, a product of Wyeth Philippines, and Kidzania. The center puts a spotlight on how talents can be honed through role-playing, which boosts a child's confidence and self-esteem.

    The test, which has personality-based questions, can make it easier for parents to help their children maximize their Kidzania experience.

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    The test can zero in on what truly sparks a child's interests. The results can then guide the kids to head for particular Kidzania establishments to further cultivate their passion and build their skills through role-play and fun.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Kidzania

    Here are the 8 "gifts" that parents can discover about their kids via the Spot-The-Gift Test:

    • Linguistic Gift - finding the right words to express what you mean
    • Logical-Mathematical Gift - quantifying things, making hypotheses and proving them
    • Bodily-Kinesthetic Gift - coordinating your mind and body
    • Naturalist Gift - understanding living things and reading nature
    • Interpersonal Gift - sensing people’s feelings and motives
    • Intrapersonal Gift - understanding yourself, what you feel, and what you want
    • Spatial Relation Gift - visualizing the world in 3D
    • Musical Gift - discerning sounds, their pitch, tone, and timbre
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    If the Spot-the-Gift Test's results show that a child has intrapersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, and musical gifts, she can check the “available jobs” she can apply for in Kidzania. Someone with intrapersonal skills might suit the following Kidzania jobs like a disaster response trainee or researcher.

    A child with a bodily-kinesthetic gift might like to try being an actor or firefighter.  For children with musical interests, they can head over to Kidzania’s Music Studio to learn how to be a recording artist or be a street dance or band performer.

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