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  • 5 Things That Prove BBC Dad's Daughter, Marion, Is a Superstar

    Just take a look at the fashion, artwork and memes this 4-year-old has inspired.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
5 Things That Prove BBC Dad's Daughter, Marion, Is a Superstar
  • Yes, yes, we cannot get enough of "BBC Dad." In case you don't use social media at all, "BBC Dad" is Robert Kelly, who was doing a live TV interview with BBC World News in his home in Busan, South Korea. Out of nowhere, his young daughter and son burst into the room! From there hilarity ensues, broadcasted for all the world to see and enjoy. (You can check out our story here.) This family has been a gift that keeps on giving. 

    Kelly, his wife Kim Jung-A and their children, 4-year-old Marion and 8-month-old James, recently had a press conference at Pusan National University in South Korea where Kelly is an associate professor of political science. He met with reporters to answer a few questions on what he calls their "very public family blooper." In addition to the few things he already explained, he clarified a few details in a video interview with The Wall Street Journal (like how mom was able to barge into the room with lightning fast speed -- she had socks on!). 

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    For those questioning his parenting tactics to get his daughter out of the video, Kelly told The New York Times, “I was not shoving Marion out of the way. I was trying to slide Marion behind the chair because we have toys and books in the room,” hoping these would distract her. The reason he didn't get up to usher his children away was not because he didn't have pants on, as has been implied

    “My real life punched through the fake cover I had created for television. There I am in my suit delivering my talking points and then suddenly reality bursts in,” says Kelly.

    And reality has come in the form of a sweater-donning preschooler and her wheel-rolling little brother, who are obviously the real stars of the show. Marion, in particular, seems to have shot up to stardom in the few days since the video went viral. Don't believe us? See for yourself:


    1. Everyone wants to copy her look. 
    At an age where most children have barely made it out of their diapers, Marion is already setting cutting-edge fashion trends. Grown-ups can't get enough of her bright ensemble in the video, chic outdoor wear and, of course, super cute glasses. Costume parties, expect Marion copycats!  

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    Want to get the look for your daughter? Here's our take on her iconic fashion picks:

    Skinny cotton trousers (P995), Printed plush cotton sweatshirt (on sale online for P495) and Classic cotton trench coat (P2,295) from Mango Kids; Princess Pink sunglasses (P1,095) from Babiators.  

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    2. There are artworks of Marion now. 
    You know you've reached next-level fame when you've got your "fan art." And these are super adorable as well. Yes, we've already got them saved on our phones (and shared on our social media accounts). 


    We can't get enough of that confident stride of hers! Click the photo below to watch it in action.

    3.  People are ready for Marion to take over the world.
    Nothing says famous like hoards and masses demanding you to run for office. What our dire world needs now is a powerful and strong leader to save us from these dark times. The Internet has found it in Marion.


    All hail!

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    4. Marion has become the subject of motivational quotes.
    If the way you live your life is inspiring other people to live theirs, then you know you're doing something right.


    5. Marion is so done with being famous.
    Like all A-list celebs, Marion already feels the drawbacks of being famous. Having to sit for long, uhm, minutes doing press conferences, for example, or posing for too many photos. Marion has had enough! With a lollipop in her mouth, her cool indifference to the reporters and cameras is star-quality material.

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