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How Not to Lose Your Child on Vacation! 8 Tips for the 'Praning' Mom
  • Losing your child in a public place is one of the worst experiences for both child and parent. Whether you lose a him in the mall or during a family vacation and even if it's just a few seconds, you never wish such nightmare on anyone. When you're traveling, here are a few tips to help you keep track of your and give you peace of mind. 

    #1 Make sure your child memorizes important information
    At 4 years old, he should know your full name and contact number by heart. Some children won’t know how to read yet, so teach them who is a "safe adult" — another mom or an employee in the establishment. They need to know who they can trust for help. 

    When traveling with big kids, always have an agreed meeting place (like the information area or hotel lobby). 
    Put calling cards on your child and in your child’s belongings. Children don’t have identification cards with them, so best to put a parent’s calling card in their bag and pockets, if any.

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    #2 Create your child's "information sheet"
    Put it in your child’s bag and suitcase. Laminate a copy of your child’s passport and create an information sheet containing your name, the address of your accommodation, your contact details, and even the address and contact details of the Philippine Embassy if you're going abroad. 

    #3 Make your child wear an ID necklace or bracelet
    Make sure they're difficult to remove. Dog tags are affordable, accessible, and kids find it fun to wear. Have two pieces of the ID necklace made — one for your child, one for you. Here’s a good format to use: 

    Child’s name
    Country of origin
    If found, please call mother/father/guardian (contact number) 

    If you would like to go the extra mile (and create another piece), you may include your hotel address and your permanent address in the dog tag. (Have your dog tag made here.)

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    #4 Take a picture of your child before going sightseeing
    Think of it as your child's OOTD for the day. Do each time you head out. It will make it easier to show whom you’re looking for to the authorities. 

    #5 Use a kid-friendly leash
    Young children get excited and sometimes suddenly let go of your hand and run off on their own. Some backpacks come with unique “leashes” that you can attach to yourself, like a bracelet. 

    #6 Use tracking devices that have GPS or Bluetooth capabilities
    There are anti-lost watches that use GPS or 2G technologies to keep track of your child and some having the ability to call emergency numbers. 

    Nut has Bluetooth, and you can hang or put in your child’s bag. It has a corresponding app that will alert your phone if your child is out of a predetermined safety range. The app also has a “beep” button, and with one press, you’ll find the location of the Nut.

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    There's also the DokiWatch, a product celebrity mom LJ Reyes loved so much she brought it to the country. "It's a tracker watch, and it means you can find the location of your child wearing the watch through [the Doki app]."

    LJ continues, "When you press [the dokiWatch's SOS button], it will send the location of your child wearing the watch and record 60 seconds of audio." The recording can give you a partial idea of what is happening with your child. It also offers a secure connection as it enables you to set your child's contact list. Only those in the list can call and send messages to your kid’s watch. (Read more here.)

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    #7 Provide some cash
    Your child can use the money to buy food, make a call, or even take a cab going home. 

    #8 Give your child a temporary tattoo
    While there are services abroad that provide personalized temporary tattoos that have your child’s essential details, you don’t need to go that far (just yet!). Purchase a few small, kid-friendly permanent tattoos and apply it to your child before heading out. Make sure the tattoo will withstand sweat and water! 

    Remember, these tips are all merely precautionary measure. Keeping your child within reach and sight at all times will always be your first line of defense against losing your child.

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