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  • This Innovative Product Will Guarantee You'll Never Step On A Lego Block Again

    Lego-loving kids (and parents) will have fun with this ingenious product.
    by Kate Borbon .
This Innovative Product Will Guarantee You'll Never Step On A Lego Block Again
PHOTO BY Facebook/Nimuno
  • There are many reasons why Lego blocks are such a popular toy all over the world, for kids and adults alike. The Scots College writes that there are several educational benefits that children reap from playing with Lego, including the development of their creativity, problem-solving skills, and mathematical thinking, among others. Playing with Legos is also a good way for young children to improve their fine motor skills, as well as their self-esteem, as they feel a sense of satisfaction when they are able to finish building a design.

    However, playing with Legos also has its downsides. Don't make the mistake of accidentally knocking down your child's Lego creation—that's a surefire way to start a tantrum! Keeping those blocks in order can also be a bit tricky—because they’re small, they can easily get scattered in different parts of the house. Just imagine inadvertently stepping (or possibly even slipping) on a Lego block one day while you’re trying to clean—yikes!

    If you want to avoid those catastrophes straight off the bat, the Nimuno Loops Lego Tape might just be the perfect investment for you. Developed by designers Anine Kirsten and Max Basler, who are both based in Cape Town, South Africa, the Nimuno Loops is a product that will help ensure that your child’s Lego structures stay securely fixed in one area, while also allowing them to be even more imaginative with their creations.

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    MyModernMet describes the product as “a roll of rubber that has an adhesive on one side and LEGO-friendly studs on the other.” The rubber strips can be stuck onto any smooth surface, such as tables and walls (meaning you can make your Lego creations installed sideways). It is also flexible, so it can stick to other objects like chair legs, cell phone cases, and even shoes. Its flexibility also allows for it to be bent into various shapes. Plus, you don’t have to buy a pair of special scissors to cut this tape—ordinary scissors will do!


    Designers Kirsten and Basler, who had both been making different creations using Lego blocks for a long time, expressed their desire to maximize the creative possibilities that these toys have. “As professional designers, we see the creative potential it offers people young and old,” they stated. “In fact, we liked those wonderful toy blocks so much that we wanted to find a way to bring them to everyday surfaces.”

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    While Nimuno Loops are generally intended to be used for Legos, it is also compatible with other building block toy systems like Kreo and Mega Bloks. Anyone will enjoy playing around with this innovative product that’s not only good for keeping block structures in place, but can also be a fun decorating tool for your child’s room!


    Learn more about Nimuno Loops Lego Tape by visiting Nimuno’s website and Facebook page.

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