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  • Real Moms and Their Kids Put Bambini Baby Cologne to the Test

    Does the cologne survive the heat of the summer sun and the active lifestyle of these kids?
    by Maita de Jesus .
Real Moms and Their Kids Put Bambini Baby Cologne to the Test
  • Hardly anyone can resist the fresh, milky “new baby” scent, so much so that sometimes, complete strangers ask to smell your baby’s head out of nowhere! Of course, our kids all soon graduate from the “new baby” smell to “amoy pawis” smell, especially when summer in the Philippines hits. While children don’t mind how they smell, mommies often look into using colognes to help their children feel clean and pleasant all day. 

    So when Bambini asked Smart Parenting to check out its new line of baby colognes, we turned to the moms of our Smart Parenting communities, Parent Chat and Smart Parenting Village on Facebook, for another #SPmomapproved road test. 

    Out of the 10 moms we invited (we selected those who had preschool-aged kids based on their profiles), eight moms took us up on our challenge to try all variants of Bambini colognes — Ocean Kisses, Cotton Cuddles, Sunny Playtime, Morning Tickles, and Starry Lullaby. Each mom received 15 bottles, with each variant coming in three sizes (25ml, 50ml, and 125ml). We gave them at least seven days to try on their preschoolers and big kids.

    Then we invited them to have merienda at UCC Clockwork in Estancia Mall to talk about their experiences, honest feedback, points of improvement for the products, and what they enjoyed most about Bambini. (Five were able to make it while we conducted email interviews with the rest.)

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    Alma del Rosario has three kids, Michael Gabriel, 9, Alleigne, 4 and Luna Emilia, 1 (not in photo).

    Astred Clarissa Saspa is an online seller and a mom to AC, 5 (above).

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    Avegirl Perez-Limjap is a mom to two boys, Prince Immanuel, 4.5 years old and Isaac Yajireh, 6 months.


    Bave dela Cruz is a blogger and a stay-at-home mom to Quillan, 11, Zylar, 4, and Naizer, 5 months.

    Cherry Lopez is an events specialist and a mom to two kids, Chloe, 11, and Inigo, 5 (above). 


    Dane Relente is a senior specialist at an international company. She has a daughter, Macayle Daniela, 4.

    Rita Aguila is a housewife with four kids — Ira Patriz, 22, Jin Carlos, 18, Leona Kate, 9, and Lyra Khloe, 6.


    Rose Tajanlangit is a virtual assistant who is currently a stay-at-home-mom to two kids, Rexelle Leiann, 10, and Reanne Leuise, 4 (above).

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    With the help of these moms, we took into consideration the following when rating the effectiveness of Bambini colognes: 

    The 'Pawis and Smell' Test 
    Rita’s kids have used baby colognes before, but after a full day, she noticed her previous colognes would wear off quickly. She also noted they smelled more like alcohol rather than cologne. “May asim sila sa huli,” she explained.  

    So when she tried the Bambini Starry Lullaby on her youngest child, Rita was surprised to find that even after a whole day of playing and school, she still smelled good. “Nililigo nga niya yung variant na 'yon, eh. [At the] end of day, nandoon parin yung smell, light lang siya."

    Rita brought her kids to the mall and to the park to see for herself how Bambini will fare against the heat and the crowds, and while the scent wasn’t as strong as it was when it was first applied, it was still there. Rita’s youngest (above) didn’t smell of sweat. “Hindi na sila amoy kalsada!” (Rita, who was excited to get picked, felt the need to confess to us that Saturday that she was a fan of Iya Villania, even before Rita became a mom.) 

    We asked the moms if any of them were familiar with Bambini. Astred told us via email she used it in her teen years, and it's why she didn't hesitate to use it on her daughter.


    Similar to Rita's experience, Astred said her daughter (above) came home still smelling fresh even after a tiring day of biking and playing in school. Starry Lullaby was a big hit with her family as well. “Akala ng classmates ng anak ko, cologne niya, mahal. Kahit bago matulog, mabango pa din siya! Ginagamit ko nga rin, eh!”


    Dane, another Bambini user when she was in her teens, was delighted to find Bambini baby colognes in the supermarkets for her little girl’s use (above). “We’ve been buying yung pink na Bambini,” she says, referring to the Morning Tickles variant. “And bango pa rin — bangong pangmatagalan!” 

    Alma agrees, adding she likes how her kids come off smelling like a baby even when her kids a “super dungis.” “My first impression with the product was ‘Ang bango! I love the smell — magamit nga sa akin muna, haha! We love the Morning Tickles and Cotton Cuddles, as it mixes well with yung pawis ng anak ko.”

    While her daughter liked Starry Lullaby, Alma shared, “Madali mawala yung amoy. My daughter said mas okay yung Starry Lullaby i-apply sa gabi bago matulog or kapag malamig, dahil umaamoy sa hangin ang scent niya.” 

    Alma added her daughter used Ocean Kisses and Sunny Playtime when they went to a birthday and wedding party and they watched a movie. “She smelled so mabango and people actually liked her scent — clean and fresh.
    Hindi umaasim ang amoy kahit sobrang kulit and active.”


    Bave had also been a Bambini user back in college and she used Ocean Kisses and Sunny Playtime variants on her boys especially on Zylar (above). “It wears off a little, pero fresh baby pa rin,” she says. She even uses the cologne on her baby, a few drops on palm first and then pat it on the legs. “Yung ayaw ko dati with using just powder is nagpuputik yung powder dahil sa pawis! So with Bambini, okay na kasi fresh all day sila.”

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    The "Skin and Allergy" Test
    Rita stopped using baby cologne on her kids when their skin started to react to it. “Dati, kapag summer, powder lang ginagamit ko sa kanila, hindi na cologne.” She is changing her mind after using Bambini because it did not feel "hot" to the touch when she applies it to her child, unlike other colognes.

    Bave, who tried the cologne first, says that when she applied it on her boys she was glad to see there wasn't any skin reaction. “Nung nilagay ko sa leeg, walang hapdi,” she says.

    Rose’s eldest child had an allergic reaction to a previous baby cologne that she used, so she was hesitant to use Bambini at first on her and her youngest Reanne (above). “Parang sinisipon siya sa amoy nung dati. Nakakataranta kasi after sipon, it follows na may cough. Kaya two years bago maubos ang isang cologne,” she says.

    Rose noticed a difference when she used Bambini Ocean Kisses on her daughter's clothes. “It lasts long, until umuwi siya ng bahay. For two weeks every day ginamit, no allergies! Hindi din nag-stain sa clothes yung cologne.” 


    Cherry said her eldest had a severe allergic reaction to a baby cologne, so she stopped using any cologne. She had never used cologne on her second and youngest son Inigo (above) until this road test came along. She tried the Starry Lullaby and was glad to report there was no adverse reaction. She loved how the scent stayed on despite the kite-flying Inigo did.


    Avegirl had always been a fan of colognes, and she loved the scents of Bambini. But what she appreciated the most of Bambini was it came with  “hypoallergenic” and “dermatologist-tested” on the labels. “I've been using the Cotton Cuddles on my two boys (above) every day.”

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    The "Appearance" Test
    The moms referred to the variants via their bottle cap colors with “blue” (Ocean Kisses) and “purple” (Starry Lullaby” coming out as the most popular of the five available scents. Their kids mostly referred to the products as the animal characters seen on the bottle.


    Cherry noted that her kids leaned towards products with attractive packaging. She felt Bambini could further improve its own, adding the bottle labels peeled off easily. 

    Alma and Avegirl like that the 25ml and 50ml bottles are handy to bring anywhere. Alma says, “I love the small sizes since I can bring it with us, hindi masyadong mabigat, and doesn’t occupy too much space in the bag.” 

    Avegirl adds, “I like the fact that you can put in small pockets. I do wish they do put it in a spray bottle.”

    Most of the moms also agreed that since everyone in the family could use Bambini, it would be great if there was a bigger variant so they could refill their existing bottles. Most of the school-age kids would easily bring the 50ml bottles in their bags or pockets. The moms felt it would be more affordable for them to refill packs. Astred remarked, “Bumibili talaga ako ng malaki para share kami.”

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    Overall, the moms were happy to give Bambini a #SPmomapproved seal with a "wow" rating because it went beyond their expectations. 

    They confessed they didn't have a lot of expectations but were pleasantly surprised by its long-lasting scent, and how everyone in the family, no matter what age, could use it.

    They were also relieved that their kids did not encounter an allergic reaction to the products in any way.

    While they had concerns over the look and quality of the packaging, they would buy it again and highly recommend it to their friends. They love the affordability; in fact, they wished it was accessible in more stores.

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