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  • girl playingWhether it’s a glass of spilled milk, an unexplained toy or clothing carelessly scattered, you may find instances where your preschooler is bound to stretch the truth, and in some cases, take it beyond what is plausible.  Before you call in a child psychiatrist, take stock of things first—children don’t normally lie with malicious intent.  During this stage of emotional and mental development, your child may have a bit of trouble figuring out what is fact from fiction.  Here are some reasons why preschoolers lie:

    1. To Take Control of a Situation – When your child says that he wasn’t the one who spilled toyo all over your freshly-washed Ilocano blanket, it’s his way of trying to regain some of the control that he lost in the situation.  It must have been a picture of dread – toyo spattering everywhere, a dark stain growing larger and larger on a nice, white blanket, mommy’s face contorting into a mask of rage. To alleviate the helplessness, denial may be a result.

    2. Vivid Imagination – As mentioned earlier, preschoolers have some difficulty discerning fact from fantasy. Your child’s creative juices are practically overflowing and he may really believe that his dream of being a Jedi Knight in a starship was in fact, something that happened. It is at this age where your child may interact with imaginary friends and tell you he has been to the far side of the moon or Narnia or even Bayombong.

    3. To Get Your Attention – If you are a very busy mommy who has little time to spare, your preschooler may have concluded that saying monsters made his room a mess is a way to get a response out of you.  If he’s so hungry for attention, he might not even care if you react in anger or frustration.  This kind of lying satisfies that emotional craving which may continue if he gets what he wants from you.  



    Click here to learn more reasons why preschoolers lie.

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