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  • This 5-Year-Old's Shoelace-Tying Hack Is Genius!

    His mom shared the video online for parents of kids who are struggling with the old bunny loop technique.
    by Rachel Perez .
This 5-Year-Old's Shoelace-Tying Hack Is Genius!
PHOTO BY Ashley Lillard/Facebook
  • Parents love life hacks, period. Whether that's potty training, taking a bath independently, or studying for an exam, if there's an easier way to teach kids life skills, we'll go for it. And why not, if it gets the job done?

    And that's exactly what this five-year-old is offering parents and fellow kids: a life hack... for tying shoelaces. For a grownup, it might seem simple, but sometimes kids take a while to get a handle on the traditional bunny loop technique. It could be a little frustrating to do the bunny loops when you have little hands. Sometimes the loop gets entangled with the end lace, and so on.

    Ashley Lillard posted a video of her son Colton demonstrating how it goes. "See this hole right here," Colton starts his demo, referring to an extra hole on the topmost of his shoes. "Stick the end [of the shoelace] in there, and you get a loop. And then you do that again [on the other side]," he adds. Now that you have your loops -- and in place, we noticed -- take the loops, cross one loop over and under, and then pull. Watch:


    Colton, who learned the technique from his friend River, did the cross-over-and-under-then-pull again so it's more secure. "So it's double-knotted and tied," Ashley chimes in. Good job, Colton! And thank you, River!

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    Ashley shared her video with the Love What Matters Facebook for other parents whose kids are also struggling with the traditional way of tying shoelaces, to let them know that there is a much more effective way to do it. As of this writing, Ashley's original video has racked up 8.9 million views, almost 190,000 shares, and 26,000 reactions. Add to that the 2.1 million views, 43,000 shares, and 18,000 reactions the same video has gotten from the Love What Matters page. It proves that many parents and kids are in need of an alternative to the bunny loop. 

    "Awesome! We did it!! My five year old struggled so much and we have watched YouTube videos with no success. Watched this and did it right away!! He is so proud of himself!!" Kellie Hein wrote in the comments. Danielle Albino wrote, "My six year old has been trying so hard to tie her shoes and she watched this video once and she now is a pro. She even went to school today and showed her class. Her teacher had her demonstrate for the other 1st grade teachers, too. Thank you."

    Others are commenting on how cute the mom-and-son exchange was, from their overeager dog wanting to be in the video, how Ashley kept on encouraging Colton throughout the video and did not hurry her son in accomplishing the task (and warning her husband to be quiet when he arrived), and Colton's "I have a loose tooth" confession. These all add to the video's awesomeness, apart from the genius like hack it demonstrated. 

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    Previously, we also featured a different technique for tying shoelaces courtesy of Kirsten Johnson. Hers takes a bit longer time and is not double-knotted, but it works just as well, too. Both techniques are awesome think-out-of-the-box ways and we can't decide which is better so we'll just say "It's a tie!" (pun intended!)

    Try both techniques with your preschooler and tell us which one worked best! Comment below or send us a Facebook message!

    [h/t: Huffpost Parents UK]

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