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  • Time for School: 4 Tips to Help Your Child Face Her First Day

    The first day of school could be a challenge to a child. Kumon shares tips on how to make it easier.
  • “Where will I sit? Will the other kids like me? Will my lessons be more difficult?”

    As we welcome the new school year, these are just few of the questions a child frequently asks. More often than not, your child may be getting nervous about heading back to school. Worse, she may even dread her first weeks in school.


    But with parents’ support and guidance, the first few weeks or months can be a walk in the park. With a little preparation, here are four ways on how parents could help:

    1. Remember routines.
    Family routines tend to slide in the summer – after all, it is the time of year when kids get to play, enjoy, and not worry about study and bedtime. Allow your child to adjust to a week before the first day and continue to guide him during the first week. This allows your child to become familiar with her surroundings and for a routine to be established.

    2. Support positive study habits.
    Motivate your child to be involved in his studies by preparing a daily study schedule, the same time every day. Create a specific area in the house where your child can do homework each evening. Make sure it’s in a quiet place and stocked with enough supplies, such as pencils, erasers, and paper.

    3. Encourage your child.
    Since a child always feels a certain level of anxiety days before school starts, prepare your child for social situations by sharing your own experiences. Teach her to introduce herself and make friends. You can even role play various social scenarios from sharing classroom supplies to encounters with older kids and teachers.

    4. Talk to your child about school.
    Your child may be tired from the activities at the end of the day. Engage your child in conversation by asking her how her day went, what she has learned and who she made friends with. This allows you to know her activities and spend some quality time with her. It is also a venue for her to express herself and to spend free time far from the pressures of school.

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    Kumon has been a partner of parents all over the world in equipping children with strong abilities and character as they face not just the first weeks of school, but also the challenges school life brings.

    Designed as an individualized after-school program for math and reading suitable for all ages, Kumon prepares students for the challenges ahead and maximizes their full potential. With advancement as one of the benefits of the program, Kumon enables a child to discover his abilities and to know himself more.


    Be it in school or in Kumon, being prepared for something big is good especially when it’s the first step to something bigger or a new chapter. So let’s help our children be prepared for what tomorrow has to offer.

    For more information about Kumon, visit the Kumon Center nearest you or call (02) 885-0226 or 1-800-1-888-0231 (toll-free outside Metro Manila). For students from Visayas and Mindanao, please call (032) 236-1307. You may also visit http://ph.kumonglobal.com

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