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10 Excuses Kids Give to Evade Bathtime
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  • If bathing (alone) for adults with small kids is a luxury, it is quite the opposite for the little ones. It seems they have more important things to do, and will stall bathtime as much as they could.

    Here are ten of the most common excuses. Which of these do your kids use often?

    1. “I took a bath already." (yesterday)

    2.  “Later mom, I’m still playing.”

    3. “Si Ate/Kuya po muna.”

    4. “Ate/Kuya said monsters will come out of the water!”

    5. “Kapag commercial na po!”

    6. “Lola told me not to take a bath during Friday” (But only during the Lenten season, and it’s not even Friday!)

    7. “I don't need to take a bath, I don’t have school tomorrow”

    8. “I’m already sleepy.” (but also hates sleep).

    9. “Malamig!”

    10. The legendary “Teka lang po!” which means an hour or two…or never

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    It is undoubtedly challenging for moms to make their children go to bath. Tons of patience and good persuasion skills are thus needed. Mommies, all you need is a good start! Children love to play, and making bath time fun can be the key! Here are a few tips to make bath time more enticing:


    • Role play with your kids
    Make him a voyager, a champion swimmer, a lifeguard, or a pirate during bath time. You can make use of toy props as well.

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    • Sing songs
    Not only is it entertaining, it's also a fun way to remind them on how to bathe properly. Here is a sample bath time song you can teach your child: 

    • Rubber Toys
    Toys can be a distraction for them to forget their fear of water, but always make sure they don’t put these inside their mouths.

    Balloon Bath Time
    It may not be their birthday, but a tub with balloons will definitely excite them!

    • Bath time with Friends
    If your child is afraid of missing out on play, why not bring his playmates to bath, too? It’s going to be a pool-bath tub party for them!

    It is vital to make your child understand the importance of proper hygiene and the benefits of taking a bath, so try these and tell us which one worked for you! 

    What other parents are reading

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