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    Among my friends, I was always singled out as the one most likely to become a mom. I soon found out that marriage and motherhood are highly overrated when you’re a single girl. Some of the things I vowed I’d never do or get into are the same things that make up who I am as a mom today!

    1. Give birth without painkillers.  
    During my own pregnancy, I looked like the model mom: cool, smiling, smartly attired. Inside, I was as secure as an ice cream cone on a hot stove: I was freaking out at the thought of giving birth. Naturally; my tolerance for pain on a scale of 1 to 10 is a measly 2! Good thing my OB-Gyn was able to coach me through a natural childbirth. Not only was I able to give birth without anesthesia, but I hardly felt any pain. So I can say for a fact that no matter how much you fear pain, giving birth is possible without pain—and without swearing at your husband!



    2. Breastfeed my kid for more than one year.
    I was told that some Asians didn’t have the “well-endowed” genome in the mammary department. And so, I got semi-depressed whenever I’d see or hear my friends complain about their C and D cups while I had to content myself with a B. That is, until I bulged out into a D cup during my second month of motherhood. Breastfeeding was an empowering experience for me, albeit painful at times (especially when I went through mastitis, and I didn’t think I’d last as long as I have. My son is now 23 months, and though he’s been self-weaning from the boob, my milk is still here for him when he needs it.


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    3. Let my kid watch TV.
    I swore I’d keep the “no TV” rule until my kid was at least two years old. That is, until the day I first plopped him in front of the tube when he was barely a year old. And I’ve done so many more times, especially when I was too frazzled with chores or out of ideas to entertain him. The pay-off: At least I know that Sesame Street will be the perfect motif for his upcoming birthday party!



    4. Use disposable diapers for my baby.
    My mom was the cloth diaper advocate even before all these new-fangled hybrids of cloth diapers started popping up. She ordered cloth diapers all the way from the Babies ‘R’ Us down the street from my uncle’s house - in California - just so her firstborn grandkid could experience natural diapering at its finest. I lasted about 3 months going exclusively cloth before giving in to disposables. They couldn’t be all that bad, especially when my time and sanity were on the line. (Note: I still use cloth diapers on my son, who’s now in the toilet-training phase, but I alternate between cloth and disposables now.)


    5. Feed my baby processed and fast food.
    I’ve been a pretty disciplined mom when it comes to food. I’ve fed my kid organic food from the get-go, always made sure his meals had fruits and veggies, slaved over recipes for his diet’s sake, and have given him breastmilk for the past 23 months. Call it a twisted philosophy, but this is why I can justify letting him eat processed and fast food on occasion - and by “on occasion,” I mean once or twice a month max. We eat healthily at home, so if someone slips him a French fry or we happen to be having Spam and sugary cookies over at a relative’s house, I can comfort myself knowing that my little one eats healthily under my roof anyway!



    6. Hire a nanny.
    Oh, I wanted to do it all, you know: be a hands-on mommy. And I am! I work from home and am with my kid 24/7. But I have my limits. And since the little guy began walking and running around, I’ve not been able to keep up with his demands to play non-stop. Hiring a nanny to watch him through the day as I work has done wonders for my schedule—and my sanity.


    7. Wear “L” or “XL” clothes.
    I used to be a size 6 when I was single; today, three years later and two years into motherhood, I’m a size 10. I try to see it as a positive thing—I’m more “curvy” now: I’ve got more curves, mainly from the extra pounds on my posterior, the extra “boob-age” up front, and that little pooch that used to be an adorable belly bump. I’m still working on my inner Heidi Klum/Giselle Bundchen so I can see my flat tummy again.



    8. Have thunder thighs.
    I used to eat like a teenage boy and never get fat. Today, I’m happy if I can fit into a pair of hipster jeans. Call it “mommy curves” or some other Oprah-esque allusion to glorify the maternal, female body: I have thighs like a Christmas ham.

    9. Have sex without feeling sexy.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that lingerie and foreplay are overrated at times when you’ve just got to get it on. I thought my husband would never find me attractive again. Turns out that you can have sex in the oddest of times and places, and you’re more likely to improvise with a kid around. *Wink*

    10. Write for a parenting publication
    —like the one you’re reading now. Sure, I worked in a preschool for seven years during my single life. Sure, I counseled preteen girls during my internship at a local church. But write about the parenting journey and give other moms tips on how to rock at it was the farthest thing from my mind as a single person. Now, I make a living from it.

    What are some of the things you said you’d never do but ended up taking back when you became a mom? Tell us all about it! Hit the comment box below.


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