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  • 15 Things that Prove Actor Gian Magdangal is Just Like Any Dad

    The stage actor is making fans swoon, but his most important role is being a dad.
15 Things that Prove Actor Gian Magdangal is Just Like Any Dad
  • He may be missing from the local scene, but stage actor, "Philippine Idol" runner-up and dad of one Gian Magdangal is making waves in Hongkong Disneyland as one of the lead actors of the park's newest attraction, Mickey & A Wondrous Book.

    To be selected among so many auditionees makes Gian a certified star and a true Pinoy pride, but in his core, he is primarily dad to Haley, his 7-year old son with ex-partner Sheree, herself a singer and a painter.

    Here are a few things that make Gian just like any dad.

    1. He never fails to remember Haley's birthday.

    "I teach him to pray and to do good," Gian said during our interview. "I teach him two things: one is to be faithful to family, and the other is simplicity. Kung ano lang yung kaya, yun lang. I try to teach by example."

    2. He brings him to the barber shop himself.




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    3. They have their own father-and-son jam.


    4. He and Haley share a love for cycling.

    5. On special occasions, he and ex-partner Sheree come together to celebrate as a family.

    Gian and Sheree have remained friends even after their separation. This photo was taken during Haley's moving-up day.


    6. He and Haley both love LEGO.



    7. He takes pride in his son's achievements.

    Haley is a very talented painter and athlete. This painting of a seahorse was his gift to his dad two days ago.


    8. Gian makes time to go out fishing with him.

    9. His son rides the "bus" to school.

    He captioned this photo "My heart skipped a beat as soon as the door closed and watched Haley take his first trip on the school bus..There was a pinch and It felt sad.. Already missing him."

    10. He and Haley goof around a lot, too.

    11. He takes him to work, too. Haley's just lucky Dad works at Disneyland!



    12. Whenever he's away, he stays in touch with Haley through FaceTime.

    Gian says he tries to go home to Manila at least once a month, during his days-off. "I don't want Haley to feel my absence too much".

    13. Occasionally, Gian would spoil Haley a little with his favorite dessert.

    14. Gian loves homecooked Filipino meals, and adobo.


    15. As a single dad, he is grateful for his very strong support system: Haley's lolo and lola.

    All photos from Gian Magdangal's Instagram account.

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