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  • 4 Perks of Sending Your Child to Your Alma Mater

    Does it have unique benefits? Find out.
4 Perks of Sending Your Child to Your Alma Mater
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    It's that time of the year again when schools open their doors to new students. If you haven’t thought about where to send your child to preschool or big school, now is the time to start. There are a lot of things to cover before you can finally decide.

    The things that you should consider varies per family: Do you want traditional, progressive, or a mix of both? Do you want a school that's near your home? How much money have you set aside for tuition? The list of considerations are endless, and you have to think long and hard about each. The school will be your child’s second home, so it’s crucial that your parenting values and the school’s policies and methods are in line. Needless to say, the school’s teachers will act as your child’s second mothers, too.

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    Now, nod your head if one of the things that crossed your mind is to send your child to the same school you or your husband went to. Yes?

    A survey conducted by Smart Parenting last year revealed that almost one-third or parents would like to send their children to their alma mater. It’s no surprise, really.

    Here, we list down a few perks if you decide to take that route:

    1. You might get a discount
    Some schools offer discounts to children of their past students. Call it a loyalty perk, if you will. Not all schools offer this, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. If you factor in the inflation, you’ll still be paying more now than your parents paid before— that’s a fact. But good education doesn't come cheap nowadays, so if you can slash even a mere five percent in tuition, why not grab that discount? Get friendly with the school staff and you might even get inside info that can prove to be valuable.


    2. You know the campus very well.
    Especially if you spent your elementary and high school days in that school, you would know every turn and corner like the back of your hand. Even those spots that only students are privy to (like the secret cabinet behind the chalkboard where they keep the "lost and found"). You know where the cool bunch hangs, the perfect spot to hold a secret meeting, which restrooms are haunted, etc. Wouldn't it be nice to tell your child stories about them? Also, you've memorized even the fastest routes from your school to the mall, the church, your home, the nearest hospital, all of which could come very handy.

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    3. Your teachers could be your child’s teachers, too
    Teachers who love what they do often stay in the profession for a very long time. If you’re lucky (or not, depending on your reputation in school when you were a student), you just might bump into the same teachers, except they will now be your child's teachers. And since you already know them (hopefully, they remember you, too), it makes parent-teacher meetings a little less daunting. It’s easier to play a more active role in parent-teacher activities, too, which can also help boost your child’s performance. Don't be surprised, too, if your old mentors beam with pride as they introduce you, their former student, now very accomplished, to the younger generation.

    4. You embody the school’s education policies and values
    You are the perfect example of the kind of graduate the school can produce. You are living proof that the school’s teaching methods and policies work. The values the school puts the most importance to are the same values instilled in you. You know the rationale behind the policies (such as, why they don’t allow parents to bring to school belatedly the homework their kids left at home) -- and you agree. You’ve “been there, done that”, and you turned out "okay," right?

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    It’s only normal to look back at your childhood, reminisce about how your alma mater has shaped the person you've become, and dream of how the same path might work for your child. However, raising a child has evolved through time in the same way that educating the new generation changes through the years.

    While you may be leaning towards choosing the same school as the one you went to, take into consideration your child's learning style and have an open mind and the courage to try other schools in case your alma mater might not suit your child. Before you make a decision, make sure that you decide with your child in mind and not just your strong school spirit.

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