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  • 4 Reasons Science-Loving Kids Grow Up to Be Successful Adults

    Plus, how to help your child advance to his potential greatness!
  • Ever noticed how science lovers are naturally curious and inquisitive? They are constantly investigating, asking questions, and seeking answers. Science lovers are also logical problem solvers who are very diligent and ambitious. And if you look at it closely, a successful child has the same qualities as well.

    However, we have to note that success isn't and shouldn't be measured solely by how good your child is at school. He also needs to have important qualities like perseverance and self-discipline. Resilience is likewise very important—your child needs to have the ability to bounce back from life's challenges.

    But if you want to tap into his potential greatness, science is an engaging and fun way to do it. Introducing him to the world of experiments and logic might just help develop the necessary brain powers like memory and concentration that would set him up for success. 

    Here are more qualities a science lover and a successful kid have in common.

    They have a hunger for information.

    Kids are born with a natural curiosity, but science lovers have so much more. They crave answers to all sorts of questions, and they never run out of questions to ask. A successful child is the same, in that he doesn't stop at a simple yes or no—he is always hungry to know more.

    What You Can Do: Don't be surprised when your child comes up to you and asks what seems like silly questions. Use this opportunity instead to ask him open-ended questions that would make him think.

    Everything fascinates them.

    Remember when you were younger, and everything seemed brighter, more interesting, and infinitely exciting? Come adulthood, things suddenly became more 'normal' and routine. Science lovers never lose their childlike fascination with the world—and the same goes for successful kids.

    What You Can Do: Childhood is the best time to boost your child's potential. This is when the brain develops quickly. More than exposing him to music, arts, and innovative activities, encourage active learning by letting him call the shots and do things on his own. Promote imagination and pretend play, too, as this plays a vital role in many areas of learning including cognitive, social and emotional development, language and communication, and problem-solving and creativity. 

    They love to read.

    In today's world where everything can be watched and streamed, encouraging your kids to focus and read can be challenging. But a person who loves science will strive to get information wherever and however he can, most especially through books. 

    Several studies have shown that reading can help make children smarter, more so when you start from infancy. Reading can also help give your kid a head start in language development. It stimulates the brain to make connections, and helps develop your child's imagination.

    What You Can Do: Research shows that inviting your child to read with you, rather than simply reading to him, promotes early literacy. Bringing him to the bookshop a couple times a month may also spark a love for the pages. Keep reading interesting by exposing him to different genres and introducing him to various authors.

    They have a growth mindset.

    Too much focus on innate intelligence and great talent could sometimes lead a child to be afraid of failure and unmotivated to learn. Science lovers are not afraid to make mistakes—on the contrary, they grow more curious every time they fail. A successful child also has the ability to bounce back from mistakes and look for a better way to solve his problems.

    What You Can Do: Encourage a "growth mindset" by praising your child on how he does things rather than purely on what he has achieved. This will teach him to value persistence and hard work, and will motivate him to achieve more.

    At the end of the day...

    When you let your child excel at what he does best no matter what it is, you allow him the chance to advance his gifts. Who knows, you might be raising a little genius without even knowing it.

    Grab every opportunity you can to showcase what he's good at. You can let your child join competitions like the Wyeth Nutrition Kid Innovators. Now on its third year, the search aims to nurture a child's potential for greatness through science. It hopes to spark kid's love for science and fuel their passion for innovation, which can help make a difference. 

    Last year's top Kid Innovators recognized by Wyeth Nutrition included Malycka Rentuza and Hannah Guadiel of Philippine Science High School - Central Visayas for their "Anti-Ripening Paper" project, an innovation that uses pellon fusible paper and a solution to delay ripening of fruits and vegetables; Jericho Villarico of Baguio City High School for his "Auto-Call Doorknob" system that automatically alerts a homeowner of a possible home intrusion through a phone call; and Katrina Sison, Adrianne Ong and Andrea Estrella of St. Scholastica's College Manila for the "Banana Stem Water Filtration and Distillation System" that uses commonly available materials like banana stems, charcoal and sand to effectively filter out harmful elements in water.

    In the new season, it expands its scope and introduces a new category, the Upcoming Kid Innovators, to encourage kids as young as five to participate together with their parent. 

    Wyeth Nutrition will be screening entries alongside the Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology, among other institutions, in its quest to find the top Kid Innovators in the Philippines. The board of judges will consist of experts in the fields of science and math education, nutrition, and early childhood development.

    Your kids can already start preparing for their entries for the next season. So if you think your child has what it takes to become one of the Wyeth Nutrition Kid Innovators, visit https://www.wyeth.com.ph/kidinnovators or e-mail kidinnovator@wyethnutrition.com.












This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Wyeth Nutrition Philippines.