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  • 4 Things Every Parent Should Know About Multiple Intelligence

    So my child loves playtime more than math time, what do I do next?
  • We've all heard about multiple intelligence – that every child is smart. He may not surprise you with perfect Math scores, but he will wow you with agile dance moves. Her drawing book may not show a Picasso-in-the-making, but her friends at school will agree that she's everyone's best friend. He may not be the fastest runner in his class, but he can tell amazing stories with so much eloquence. Yes, each child is smart in his or her own special way, but it does not mean that you should just focus on this one strength and forget all the others.

    Here's how to raise a well-rounded, multi-achiever:

    1. You can use your child's strengths to develop his/her lesser strengths.

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    Does your child enjoy painting more than solving math problems? Work with her teacher in coming up with a more visual approach to learning numbers. Does your child prefer to run around and play than sit down and do arts and crafts? Make an art activity that will involve more body movement. By zoning in on your child's strengths, you can make learning easier and more fun for him/her.

    2. Nutrition affects intelligence. Mind what he eats.

    Sometimes, your child's average school performance is not due to lack of interest, but due to poor nutrition. Boost your child’s daily meals with healthy dishes. Your choice of milk also helps balance his/her meals. Choose one that has a mix of nutrients and has higher DHA, Lutein, and Choline which help build your child’s multiple intelligence, just like PROGRESS PRESCHOOL GOLD. Its GOLD Biofactors System was designed to support your child’s multiple intelligence, making him/her Brain Smart, Body Smart and People Smart.


    3. Balance is as important as excellence.

    Experts at Wyeth Nutrition, the makers of PROGRESS PRESCHOOL GOLD, believe that it's possible to  develop a child's multiple intelligence so the child ends up being outstanding in many things. This, they say, is a sign of a well-balanced child who can make a difference in the future.

    During the Multiple Intelligence Recognition Day held last March 26, PROGRESS PRESCHOOL GOLD lauded several young achievers who have been successful in and outside the classroom.

    Among the multi-achievers are Sofia Pablo, a Math whiz who can also swim like a pro and lead a team of Star Scouts; Cedric Rafael Uson, a Taekwondo Gold Medalist who is also an honor student and class president; Luis Raphael Danao, who has consistently been on top of his class while balancing his time between varsity basketball and student council; and Ciara Russegger, a spelling bee champ who is also a soccer player and animal rights advocate. All five multi-achievers excel in more than one field, proving that children can be brain, body and people-smart all at the same time.

    “We continue to seek ways for parents and educators to recognize that developing multiple intelligence is just as relevant as academic performance, giving kids today the chance to develop their inherent skills in a motivated and well-rounded environment,” says Rhea Villareal, Senior Product Manager, PROGRESS PRESCHOOL GOLD.


    PROGRESS PRESCHOOL GOLD Senior Product Manager Rhea Villareal with mom awardess, Mika Lagdameo and Jenni Epperson

    4. Positive reinforcement is key.

    Positive reinforcement goes a long way. That's the reason why PROGRESS PRESCHOOL GOLD partnered with the Reading Association of the Philippines (RAP), a non-government organization committed to improve reading programs and teaching procedures in the country. Its continued promotion of progressive teaching methods helps students become multi-achievers in the best possible way.



    Marketing Director for Premium Michelle Acuña and awardee Ani Rosa S. Almario-David, President of the Reading Association of the Philippines


    In this partnership with RAP, PROGRESS PRESCHOOL GOLD seals its advocacy to celebrate multiple intelligence and develop every child’s potential. PROGRESS PRESCHOOL GOLD, in partnership with RAP, believes that reading is one learning method that can encourage and develop all three – brain, body and people smarts.

    Motivate your child to be the best he/she can be. Recognize your child's strengths and use it to develop his/her lesser strengths. Encourage him/her to go beyond expectations. PROGRESS PRESCHOOL GOLD remains your ally in making informed decisions to boost your child's multiple intelligence. And when your child is brain, body, and people-smart, he or she can achieve more and overcome whatever challenge life may offer in the future.

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