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  • 5 Ideas to Keep Kids Away from Gadgets

    These tips will (hopefully) keep them so busy they'll forget about screen time for a while.
    by Vira Diego .
5 Ideas to Keep Kids Away from Gadgets
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  • The Christmas break is certainly something the kids look forward to because finally, there's no more school work to do (freedoom!). This is also the time for them to relax and have fun! And as we all know, "fun" for millennials almost always means time to play with their gadgets. As parents, we want our kids to have a healthy balance between time spent interacting with family members and their screen time, so here are ideas you can do to at least lessen their gadget use during the holidays:

    1. Be an example.
    Of course you are your kids' role models, so set aside your laptops and phones! If you must check your email, do so when it doesn't interfere with family time, such as early in the morning when everyone else is still asleep. 

    2. Put away the gadgets during mealtime.
    This is applicable not only to kids, but to the adults as well. Make the dinner table a place where everyone gets to know family members better. Start with small talk if this is awakward, and eventually you'll find the conversation flowing freely. 


    3. Play board games.
    Play games that lets everyone in the family participate. Scrabble, Jenga, Monopoly and other multiplayer board games not only strengthen the family bond but also exercises the mind.

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    4. Invite friends and relatives.
    As we commonly say, “The more, the merrier!” For the holiday season, invite friends and family members that you haven’t see for a long time! Your kids will be so excited to play with them again that they might just forget about their gadgets.  

    5. Set a “no-tech” rule.
    Set simple rules with the kids about the use of gadgets. For the holiday season, agree to only spend 30 minutes to an hour in front of the screen. Make your children understand the concept of moderation. 

    6. Learn a new hobby as a family.
    Do activities you haven’t done before! Do a garage sale, learn new outdoor games, or attend family workshops. It adds up to the skills you and your children have and it tightens the bond of the family. 


    7. Reach out.
    Sometimes, having no regular communication with the family makes the children want to spend time on social media because it is where they find the attention they need. Set aside some time for a family meeting, ask your children about their ideas on what they want to accomplish in 2018, and express your support. 

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