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  • 5 YouTube Moms to Follow for Clever and Helpful Parenting Hacks

    These five relatable moms on YouTube share tons of tips, from breastfeeding to toddler activities.
    by Karla Magno Suguitan .
5 YouTube Moms to Follow for Clever and Helpful Parenting Hacks
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  • You are bound to find a virtual soul sister on YouTube with its plethora of channels and creators. We bet there will be a fellow mom who has the same interests, hobbies, and even kids who are the same age as yours.

    If you haven't found your YouTube sister, then take a pick from these five relatable moms who share their lives in front of a camera lens, tantrums and all! They share their parenting highs and lows and everything in between. They also chat about various parenting topics (no matter how divisive) such as labor and delivery, breastfeeding, pumping, homeschooling, and sleep training. So whether you’re just bored or in need of a bit of encouragement, these YouTube moms are just the ones to give you that digital high five.

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    Name: Judy Travis
    Kids: Julianna, 4 years, Miya and Keira, 3 years
    Judy Travis started vlogging when she was in college. After marrying her husband Benji, this Filipino-American started uploading daily videos of their growing family in October 2012, chronicling “the good, the bad, the crazy” as she says in her channel trailer. Now, they have three adorable little girls: Julianna, 4, and twins Miya and Keira, 3.


    What to love: The kids eat healthy! They actually cheer when their dad makes green juice -- that’s not something you see every day! Benji and Judy serve as great role models, too. They dance for donations every December to feed kids all over the world (they call it Dancember). The couple had recently gone on a trip to Tanzania as part of their charity work with Convoy of Hope and shared the experience with their kids.

    What to watch: Their travel videos. If you’re going on a trip with your little one soon, it’s worth watching how a real life family lugs three kids, several strollers (even car seats), and a ton of suitcases to a foreign land. Get an idea what to pack and what not to pack (they’ve bought rockers on occasion, instead of bringing ones from home); how to keep meltdowns to a minimum (or at least try); and what in-flight activities work (feed them!). 
    Bonus: You will hear the occasional “Hay nako!” from Judy, but it’s her adorable mom, a die-hard Sharonian, who definitely adds the Filipino factor in her channel. Judy has filmed her mom’s cooking in earlier videos with dishes like lumpia and enchiladas.

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    Daily Bumps 

    Name: Missy Lanning
    Kids: Oliver, 4 years, and Finley, 2 years
    Missy Lanning started blogging in 2011. Together with her husband, Bryan, they have documented their “daily bumps” as a married couple and as parents to their children, Oliver, 4, and Finley, 2.

    What to love: Missy’s journey to being a mother has not been easy. She lost her first baby to a miscarriage and her second was stillborn less than a year after. In her birth video of Oliver, it is palpable how the couple and their families yearned for a bundle of joy of their own. Last Mother’s Day, Missy uploaded a touching tribute to all mothers especially those with different and difficult circumstances like her own.

    What to watch: Get some ideas on fun and age-appropriate activities for toddlers especially active boys. They have vlogged about visits to theme parks, water parks, and other fun places. For some laughs, watch their funny skits and various prank videos, some the kids masterminded themselves. They also do family craft projects like DIY bath bombs!
    Bonus: This family has the catchiest intro song for a YouTube channel.  This is Home sung by Bryan is the stuff for LSS (last song syndrome). Good thing it is available for download on iTunes.

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    Name: Samantha Davis
    Kid: Indy, 8 months
    Newly married Samantha Maria has been in the YouTube scene for quite some time. The stylish Londoner has a main channel (Samantha Maria) where she shares her favorite products, beauty routines, and other fashion-related hauls.(Her lookbooks are always amazing!) But in her vlog channel, she shares her daily experiences with her baby, Indy Rose, 8 months, and husband, Jason.

    What to love: Samantha’s cheery personality (and her lovely English accent) always shines in her vlogs. A first-time mom, she candidly chats about her share of challenging days with her little one, and she isn't afraid to address issues like mom judgment. “Not enough people talk about the difficult stuff. I just thought those bits would help people,” she laments in one video. “I know I’m a good mom.” 

    What to watch: Samantha shares a detailed account of her wonderful water birth. She also speaks openly about her struggles in breastfeeding, in part due to a previous breast uplift surgery she had elected to do a few years before getting pregnant.
    Bonus: Her photographer husband Jason produced one of the best birth videos ever uploaded on YouTube.

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    Name: Linda Vuong
    Kid: Preston, 1
    Linda is a Vietnamese fashion and beauty YouTuber who is also a first-time mom. From style and travel, her content has evolved to more casual daily vlogging, centered on her 1-year-old son Preston, who is poised to be bilingual. (Don’t worry. She puts subtitles.)

    What to love: Weekly uploads mean viewers get to share in Preston’s milestones -- his first time to eat solid food, first hiking trip, first baby steps, and his first birthday. At the same time, Linda also talks about regular things that parents might experience with their infants, such as sleeping problems, constipation issues, and other real, relatable stuff.

    What to watch: For most of Preston’s first year, Linda has exclusively pumped every single day, in any location (even in the dreaded public restrooms). One of her most popular uploads is how she pumped 1200 mL of breast milk in a single day. Talk about #momgoals. Exclusively pumping moms or those who want to boost their supply would definitely benefit from taking her advice.
    Bonus: Linda has amazing haul videos for both mommy and baby. Check out her newborn must-haves video for some inspiration before splurging on baby stuff.



    Name: Brittany Vasseur
    Kid: Carter, 8 months
    California girl Brittany is one of YouTube’s lifestyle vloggers. For the past three years, she has been doing videos that zero in on cleaning, room makeovers, DIY, and general homemaking. Since having her first son, Carter, she has added baby-centric content on her channel. Husband Ryan makes cameos in her videos, often being the source of comic relief.

    What to love: Perfect for moms who love organizing their life, Brittany’s channel has everything from bullet journaling, habits for a clean kitchen, and organizing every single area in your house: bathroom, laundry room, pantry, etc.

    What to watch: Her cleaning routines and speed cleaning time lapses are quite satisfying, borderline therapeutic to watch, like you are living vicariously in her spot-free abode. She also utilizes affordable items from Amazon or the dollar store for clever life hacks and interestingly enough, you can find these things locally in Daiso, Japan Home Center, and the like.
    Bonus: Lovers of the KonMari method would be glad to know her organization tips do subscribe to this popular system pioneered by Marie Kondo.

    Karla Magno Suguitan, who used to manage various brands from a Spanish high street fashion house to an American cosmetics line, is now a stay-at-home mom to Sophie Ella and wifezilla to John. In her free time, she enjoys watching vlogs, reading books, making grocery lists, and consulting Dr. Google for all things baby.

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