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6 Lessons Our Kids Can Learn from the Miss Universe 2015 Pageant
  • If you’ve been on the Internet lately (and who hasn’t, right?), you’ve probably seen all the news articles and memes going around about the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, where host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner. Harvey announced Miss Colombia as Miss Universe 2015 instead of Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, and the online world hasn’t stopped talking about his mistake since.

    Now, while mistakes like Harvey’s certainly have a huge impact on other people, we should also try to see beyond human error, and attempt to see the “good” behind it all. As parents especially, we can use instances like these to ask ourselves, “What can we learn from this?” More importantly, “What can my kids possibly learn from this?”

    To help you out, we share six important lessons kids can learn from the whole Miss Universe 2015 incident:

    1. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone is honest enough to admit them.
    After making the wrong announcement, host Steve Harvey could have chosen to walk away, or blame others, or make excuses for what happened. Instead, he chose to go back onstage and admit his mistake and “take full responsibility” for it.

    Let’s teach our kids the value of owning up to our mistakes, even when it is difficult to do so. Let’s remind them, too, that as humans, no one is perfect and everyone can commit errors. The most important thing is to be honest whenever we do something wrong, and try our best to make amends for it.

    2. If you want to achieve something, work hard to do so and never give up.
    Pia Wurtzbach joined the Binibining Pilipinas competition three times before finally winning the title of Binibining Pilipinas Universe. She knew what she wanted to achieve, and didn’t stop until she achieved it. She worked hard for her dream and never gave up on it.

    Our kids might be too young to know what they really want in life at this point in time, but we can already start teaching them the value of hard work, perseverance and commitment to achieving one’s dreams.

    3. Be humble and ask for help when you need it.
    The Miss Universe competition involved online voting, so Wurtzbach readily asked for help from fellow Filipinos all over the world. She even invited fans from a “rival” network, and reportedly visited the nuns of the Poor Clare Monastery of Balindog in North Cotabato Province to request for their prayers.

    As parents, let’s teach our children to always be humble and not hesitate to ask for help when they need it. Humility is a virtue that makes one beautiful inside out. (Wurtzbach also displayed humility when she tried to approach Miss Colombia after being announced as the rightful winner).

    4. When the world criticizes you for doing the right thing, just keep on going with your integrity pushing you forward.
    Although Steve Harvey did a commendable thing by admitting his mistake and taking responsibility for it, he still has his own set of bashers and detractors. Despite this, he still chooses to keep on going with what he needs to do in terms of his career. He also issued a public apology to Miss Colombia and Miss Universe on his Facebook page, showing that he is a true man of integrity.

    Our kids need to know that doing the right thing won’t always make them popular. Still, they should do what their integrity calls them to, no matter what happens.

    5. Losing in a competition doesn’t make you a loser.
    One thing the world can learn from Miss Colombia’s loss at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant — it’s not about the titles or awards you don’t receive; it’s about how you react in the face of defeat. Responding with grace and poise makes you a winner through and through, even if you don’t come home with a world-renowned title.

    Our children need to learn that what matters most during any competition is your attitude during victories and losses; i.e. what makes you a true winner is the state of your heart and mind.

    6. Faith matters.
    In Wurtzbach’s December 23 post on Instagram, she acknowledges “God’s perfect timing,” showing a reflection from a devotional dated December 21. One of the important points in the reflection: “…when the time is right, the way before you suddenly clears—through no effort of your own. What you have longed for and work for I present to you freely, as pure gift. You feel awed by the ease with which I operate the world, and you glimpse My Power and My Glory.”

    No matter what religion or beliefs you may have, we would probably do well to teach our kids that having faith will help us overcome whatever obstacles we face in life.

    Now, we’d love to hear from YOU: What other lessons do you think can be gleaned from Miss Universe 2015? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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