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  • 6 #LolaNidoraism Quotes Parents Can Use in Raising Kids

    Take to heart these wise words from Kalyeserye’s favorite grandmother
6 #LolaNidoraism Quotes Parents Can Use in Raising Kids
  • The #Aldub phenomenon has taken the world by a storm. It has claimed the highest number of tweets in one day—39.5 million (and still counting)—and it still growing strong.

    Much of the hype is because of the budding love team between Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza and actor Alden Richards. However, it's favorite grandmother also gets warranted attention because of her wise quotable quotes that are really truth-bomb reminders about love. And no, her sayings can also pass up as parenting wisdom.

    Here are six quotes from Lola Nidora that parents can actually learn from:

    1. "Hindi sapat ang yaman para ibigin ang isang tao. Ang pag-ibig at nararamdaman, hindi binibili."
    As parents, we want our kids to have all the luxuries that we can afford. Toys, video games, and clothes, shoes, accessories—they’re all good. Sometimes, though, we give them too much and yet we hardly spent time with them or even get to tuck them in bed. Your kids need you—your time, your attention, your love. These all top any material thing you can buy for them.

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    2. "Lahat ng bagay, pinagtitiyagaan. Lahat ng bagay, pinaghihirapan. Lahat ng bagay, pinagsisikapan.”
    Lola Nidora’s wisdom rings true not just about falling in love. This proves that she values hard work in whatever endeavor one decides to get into. Kids may very well learn this lesson when they are young. Everything is not just handed to them. Let them work for their allowance, for their wants. Hard work goes a long way—hindi pwedeng basta-basta lang.

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    3. "'Wag na 'wag mong sasabihin mahal mo ang isang tao kung hindi naman totoo. Una, aasa siya na mahal mo siya. Pangalawa, tataas ang expectation niya sa'yo. At pangatlo, magiging attached siya sa'yo habang ikaw, wala lang. Patuloy lang siyang sinasaktan at pinapaasa sa wala."
    Take this as a lesson about honesty truthful. Miscommunication is never helpful. Yes, sometimes we have to protect our kids when we don’t tell them the bad stuff. However, acknowledge, too, that truth can help them as well. Being truthful goes a long way, even if sometimes it can sting. Plus, it’ll help them learn how to deal with setbacks in life when they grow up.

    3. "Maganda ang may inspirasyon sa buhay. Pero dapat 'nilalagay sa tama!”
    Parents always take inspiration from their kids. It’s your job to inspire your kids as well. Expose your kids to a variety of experiences and let them choose which inspires them the most. Don’t overbook them with extra-curricular activities they aren’t even interested in. Listen to your kids; know their interests, what makes them happy. Find out what inspires him and use it to bond or teach life skills and values.

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    5. "Masarap umibig. Masarap ang inpirasyon. 'Wag lang minamadali."
    No we get to her forte: falling in love and relationships. More kids have social media accounts or smartphones that they use to chat with their friends. The old way of courtship has evaporated, and while it is outdated, there are still positives parent and kids can take to heart. As Lola Nidora said, “Text-text lang, kayo na?” You have to give it to her to emphasize that love is not trivial matter.

    6. “Hindi lahat ng oras ay pag-ibig.”
    Yes, the feeling of being in love is somewhat surreal. But let’s remind the next generation that having someone is not the be-all and end-all in life. There’s education, for one. Also a career and a job they love to do, and some hobbies they enjoy. Plus, that’s why married people say they “work” for their marriage, right?



    Find these #LolaNidoraism quotes and everything you need to know about Aldub and the Kalyeserye in the November 2015 issue of Yes! Magazine. Available in booksstores and newsstands now.

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