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Become a Patient and Happier Mama: 7 Ways to Get There in 2018
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  • For most parents, mastering patience and showing self-control are some of the hardest things to do while raising your children, no matter how hard you try. But when you think about how your short temper affects them, you know you have to do something. Here are seven thoughts that will help you.

    1. "I will listen to my kids."
    Interact and connect with your kids instead of lecturing or scolding them over something that happened. Listen to what they are saying and be reflective while talking to them. This kind of attitude will make a difference and will prevent arguments to occur in the first place.

    2. "I will see things from my child’s perspective."
    Putting yourself in your child’s shoes will help you become a more understanding parent. It may not be easy at first, but having the patience to see things from their point of view will let you know what motivates them and what causes them to act up.

    3. "I am my child's role model."
    You are teaching your kids something about behavior every time you lose your patience with them. Before you lose control, think of what example your kids might be seeing from you.

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    4. "I will take a time out before I lose it."
    If you feel that your patience is wearing thin, get out of the situation temporarily. Go for a short walk and unwind, make your favorite tea or take a quick shower, --anything that might help you deal with stress. Take those few minutes and return to your family with a fresh outlook and in-control attitude.


    5. "I will listen to constructive criticism."
    Your spouse and even your kids can make you feel better. Have a talk with them and tell them your desire to be a patient parent. Ask them to give you a gentle tap on your shoulder each time you feel like you are about to lose your patience, and be willing to accept with kindness the little reminders that they have.

    6. "I will remember to have fun with my kids."
    Playing with your kids will not only help you to be more patient and calm but also relieve stress. Instead of being mad over a mess the kids made, you can have a cleaning contest with them and think of a fun prize that will catch their attention and interest.

    7. "I will remember what is most important."
    It’s not the end of the world when your child accidentally spills his juice on the table. Don't let the small things make a negative impact in your life. If it's not a matter of life and death, just let it slide.

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