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  • 9 Signs You're a Lego Mom

    Think you're part of that crazy group of moms with brick-obsessed children? Check out this list!
    by Ines Bautista-Yao . Published Jul 8, 2015
  • Lego mom and child

    Photo from achildgrows.com

    1. You're always broke.
    Lego is insanely expensive, especially in the Philippines. The toys cost 35 to 45% more than in other countries. But because they are your child's favorite plaything, you fork over the cash to support their building dreams. Your hair coloring session at the salon can wait. And wait. And wait.

    2. The first cuss word your kids heard you say was when you stepped on a Lego brick.
    If you've never accidentally put your foot down on those nasty bricks, you can't truthfully call yourself a Lego mom. If you do not know the pain (second only to labor!) that treading on a Lego piece can cause, consider yourself lucky. But if your child is as obsessed as you think he is, this, my dear Mommy, is an inevitability. Unless you never go barefoot at home. Yes, even in the shower. Beware.

    3. You know the numbers of each and every store that sells Lego in Manila.
    Including gray market sellers. When Christmas rolls around, you scour the stores for the Lego set your child has been wanting. If it's a really popular set, chances are it will be sold out...thus the names of grey market sellers saved on your phone. On speed dial.

    4. You've met said gray market sellers in remote places to complete the sale.
    Not all sellers are willing to ship. Besides, you wouldn't want to risk it getting lost in the mail! So you agree to meet up with your seller at a gas station, an obscure Mini Stop, or a Starbucks branch you've never been to before. All for the love of Lego.

    5. You are constantly trying to figure out where to display assembled sets.
    You and your child are incredibly proud of his Lego creations but after he's built the complete Harry Potter world and more, you need to put it on display somewhere! The problem is, his room, your room, your living room, and now even the kitchen is filled with Lego sets.

    6. You're living in kalat!
    No matter how hard you try, you can't seem to get those stubborn little bricks properly packed away! Even if you delineate a specific area for Lego play, the nasty little buggers still find themselves in every nook and cranny in your house! See number two as a warning.

    7. You know the need to collect them all!
    You're scouring the Internet for cheaper sets, limited editions, and sold out items. The collector in you isn't just challenged, she's in her element!

    8. You too can spend hours building worlds alongside your child.
    Though you may pull your hair at the obsession shown by your child, you know deep in your heart that your love for Lego has merely trickled down to your offspring. And how can you not support something you yourself are crazy about? Besides, the bonding between you and your kids as you play together cannot be rivaled.

    9. You can have hours of uninterrupted me time as your child quietly plays by himself.
    You know that plonking him in front of the TV works just as well, but knowing he's boosting his creativity, building new worlds, and activating his imagination gives you a sense of accomplishment and gratitude as a parent. You know, with a self-satisfied sigh of contentment, that you are doing the right thing.

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