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  • Let These Celebrity Tots on Instagram Be Your Extra Ray of Sunshine!

    Apps like Instagram is a neat way to share moments with loved ones as long as it does not get out of hand
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
Let These Celebrity Tots on Instagram Be Your Extra Ray of Sunshine!
PHOTO BY @jace_lizardo, @aliyahrosesmith, @alexandriamagallanes/Instagram
  • Taking photos of our kids especially for a first-time mom or dad is part of the joys of parenthood. We want to capture the moment so we can look back at it fondly in the years to come.

    Social media apps have taken the idea a notch higher by allowing us not only to immortalize that moment but to also share it with the people we love through the world wide web. It is why almost everyone is on Instagram (IG), the most popular photo-sharing app.

    Celebrities are no exception. Moms like Marian Rivera, Judy Ann Santos, Andi Eigenmann, and Iya Villania, among others, have gained an even larger following on social media because fans are so enamored by their children — so much so that it can sometimes get out of hand.

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    Actress Nadine Samonte, for instance, cried foul in October 2016 when a woman she did not know used her daughter Heather Sloane's newborn photo and claimed it to be her baby on Facebook. Nadine did a screen cap of the Facebook post to expose the fraud and wrote, "I know everyone loves and like our daughter and naa-appreciate namin ['yun nang] sobra sobra. [Natutuwa] nga kami na madami din nagmamahal sa baby namin. Pero I just don't like this post na sinasabi mo anak mo sya, it's not right. Please stop doing this."


    It's no wonder why some celebrity moms prefer to keep their kids away from the limelight. One of them is Queenie Padilla, who gave birth to her firstborn in July. Whenever she posts photos of her daughter on Instagram, she makes it a point to add a virtual sticker to cover her daughter's face. But it also earned the ire of some of her followers. "If you want privacy, don't post on social media," one commenter said.

    It is probably the reason why Queenie's sister, Kylie Padilla, who gave birth to son Alas Joaquin on August 4, decided to make an Instagram account for her child. It sounds counter-intuitive, but, according to Kylie, "I was sort of reluctant to make Alas his own IG page, but I have given in only to make sure AJ (or actor Aljur Abrenica, Kylie's fiance and father of her child) and I control whatever pictures of him come out, and so we can share some little stories and milestones we have reached."

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    Another approach is keeping their child's Instagram account private, like what director Paolo Valenciano and his wife Samantha Godinez did for their daughter Nataleia Martine (@nataleiamartine). Anyone who follows the account will need their approval to gain access to the photos. 

    Privacy issues aside, it is always a delight to look at baby photos and watch their funny antics on video. Here are some of the celebrity toddlers who have their own Instagram accounts. Follow them for an extra ray of sunshine on your social media feed! 

    Actress Rufa Mae Quinto's daughter Alexandria

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    Taekwondo athletes Japoy Lizardo and Janice Lizardo's son Jace

    Actors Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica's son Alas Joaquin 

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    Actress Erika Padilla's son Greyson Jet

    TV host Camille Prats' daughter Nala Camilla 

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    Actress Diana Zubiri's daughter Aliyah Rose

    Actress/TV host Toni Gonzaga's son Severiano Elliott

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    TV host Mariel Padilla and Robin Padilla's daughter Maria Isabella 

    Drs. Hayden and Vicki Belo-Kho's daughter Scarlet Snow


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