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  • Nothing But The Best For My Child: What These Moms Sacrificed For The Good Of Their Kids

    "The fulfillment and joy that motherhood brings amidst the challenges and discomfort and trials are priceless," one mom says.
Nothing But The Best For My Child: What These Moms Sacrificed For The Good Of Their Kids
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  • Parents want the best for their children, especially during their formative years. However, giving your children the life you want for them is often easier said than done.

    Many parents have sacrificed something to support their kids as they grow up. Four moms share what they gave up or the lifestyle changes they made for the benefit of their family.

    Behope Cando, Pinky Aquino, Ivy Cantilla, and Charlene Ann Garcia agree that it might not have been easy, but the rewards made it more than worth it.

    'I learned how to say no.'

    Behope Cando, a mom of four kids, says she used to be a “yes person” who always wanted to please everyone else. She also tended to get emotional quickly and let little things affect her.

    “I wanted to be everyone’s friend. Now that I’m a mom, my family’s welfare comes above everything else. Because of this, I say ‘no’ very often,” Behope says. Her kids, especially the older two, greatly benefitted from this shift.

    “They became closer to us, too,” the mom adds. “Now that I’m emotionally stronger, they depend on me more and became more attached to our family.”

    'Yung mga dating feeling ko kadiri, keri ko pala.'

    Pinky Aquino, a mom of two boys, says she realized the truth in the saying, “You gotta do what you gotta do”—even when it came to things she used to find gross, like scrubbing her child's soiled underwear in a public bathroom, things she cringed at doing before.

    “If being a mom means you have to do kadiri things to adapt, the kadiri things don’t seem gross anymore. Normal na siya,” Pinky shares.

    The mom hopes being hands-on when it comes to “gross” things will help her kids be more understanding of other people and be able to appreciate the quiet side of life.

    “As a mom of two boys, I want my kids to be just, empathic, respectful, and domesticated,” Pinky adds. “Future wives of my kids, thank me later!”

    'My career plans shifted.'

    Ivy Cantila, a mom of two, is career-oriented, wanting to balance further studies while starting a family. She planned on getting a doctorate degree but put it on hold when she had her children.

    She and her husband decided to focus on raising their kids, especially now that they’re still young. Ivy says she realized she wanted to put her children first.

    “My priorities shifted, and the change felt like a 180-degree turn,” she adds.

    Ivy confesses the decision did not come easy, explaining that she dealt with mixed emotions and some bouts of depression.

    The sense of fulfillment, however, kept her going. “The fulfillment and joy that motherhood brings amidst the challenges and discomfort and trials are priceless,” she said.

    'I have zero social life and am totally fine with it.'

    Charlene Ann Garcia, a mom to a brood of six, says she learned to value time when she became a mother.

    “I learned that everything, every small detail is important. I got zero social life, but I’m totally happy and fine with it,” the full-time mom explains.

    Charlene Ann also found herself changing her health habits, even giving up some personal bad ones, so her kids follow by example.

    For parents, their children’s mental, emotional, and physical health is their top priority. And as these moms show, they are willing to do everything they can to make sure their kids grow up happy and healthy.

    After all, a mother knows no bounds when it comes to supporting her child to become the best he or she can be at every stage.

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