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  • Cast and Frame: Helping preserve precious memories

    Find out what 3D life casting is and how SP Mompreneur Alison Grigg can help preserve the beauty of pregnant women, babies and more.
    by Emilie N. Lucena .

    Alison Grigg

    HER BUSINESS IDEA:        
    My business is all about 3D life casting.  We take 3D life sized moulds of babies’ hands and feet then cast them in stone.

    The idea came from a friend in Australia who also has her own 3D life casting business. My husband and I thought it was unique and decided to bring it to the Philippines.  It took us two years before we were able to launch our business here because we initially had no idea where to source the products.  Eventually, we were able to source quality materials from Italy that guarantee 100% safety for the delicate hands and feet of babies.  

    We decided to do trial casting with our friends’ babies and taught ourselves how to do the moldings.  It took us about six months of trial and error until we perfected our craft.  We then offered home service and participated in bazaars to promote our product.  Our business gradually grew.  It was our dream to bring something unique to the Philippine market and Cast and Frame is it.  

    Our customers love what we do.  When they see the finished product, they are extremely surprised at the intricate detail of the cast, where every fine line and crease of their babies’ hands and feet are captured.

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