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  • 27 Celeb Dads Share Sweet and Wacky Bonding Antics With Kids

    Putting the spotlight on how dads interact with and show their love for their kids.
    by Rachel Perez .
27 Celeb Dads Share Sweet and Wacky Bonding Antics With Kids
PHOTO BY @dongdantes, @officialjuday, @dochayden on Instagram
  • More and more fathers are more hands-on when it comes to caring and raising kids -- and we couldn't be happier! Dads have a unique of impacting the family and shaping their children's lives. More than bringing home the bacon, they also, dare we say it, bring fun into family life.

    These celeb dads are no different when it comes to being involved in their kids life. We put a spotlight on the bonding moments -- some are funny, practical, and of course, sweet and endearing -- they have shared on social media.   

    Dingdong Dantes
    He's been showing her daughter Zia the world.

    Ryan Agoncillo
    He makes it a point to spent time with each of his kids.

    Hayden Kho
    He has taken charge of daughter Scarlet's learning and education. 

    Richard Guttierez
    He wants Zion to have all the best that life can offer. 

    Doug Kramer
    He's man enough to paint his nails and put on makeup with her daughters.


    Drew Arellano
    He makes being a father to son Primo look so fun! 

    Kean Cipriano
    He has written a song for daughter Stellar and seranaded her. 

    Alwyn Uytingco
    He is a supportive husband to wife Jennica in raising their daughter Mori. 

    Chito Miranda
    He always wants to stay home and  share his hobbies with son Miggy.

    Jake Ejercito
    He want to be daughter Ellie's knight in shining armor. 

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    John Prats
    His daughter LiFe inspires him.  

    Ali Kathibi
    He wasn't afraid to care for daughter Amarah, who was born a preemie.

    Patrick Garcia

    He makes sure he and the kids spend quality time together.

    Oyo Sotto
    He will defend his family and make sure they are safe.

    Marc Pingris
    He teaches his kids Mic and Caela the skills they need in life.

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    Paul Soriano
    He can't wait to share his passion for films with him.

    Chris Tiu
    His son gave his life a whole new meaning and purpose.

    Jimmy Alapag
    He loves playing and doing art with kids Ian Maximus and Keona Skye.


    James Yap
    He wants to make sure his boys are close.

    Robin Padilla
    He fully supports his wife Mariel in breastfeeding daugther Isabella.

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    Andy Smith
    He loves (and has a unique way of) putting her daugher Aaliyah to sleep.

    GP Reyes
    He defended his daughter Olivia from online bashers!

    Christoper Roxas
    He's relishing the role of being a dad to a newborn. 

    Paolo Valenciano
    He's got her daughter Natalie Martine's back anywhere, anytime. 

    VJ Yambao
    He promises to support his sons in everything they want to do in life.

    Steve Mago
    He and Scarlet loves the beach and can't wait to bring littls sis Brooklyn. 

    Trevor Magallanes
    He starts his day waking up with his daughter Alexandria.

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