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14 Celeb Husbands Who Try Their Best to Be a 'Dad-kilang Alalay'
PHOTO BY @alwynzky and @mariajolina_ig via Instagram
  • Getting pregnant, of course, requires the participation of both man and woman (duh!). But, once the baby arrives, that, er, teamwork should not stop. And, today more than ever, dads and dads-to-be are doing everything to make their preggo wives happy, healthy, and safe. Here are some snaps of celebrity husbands that show dads love to help you if you let them!

    Mike Tan

    The Kapuso actor is no doubt excited to welcome his first child. His preggo wife, now six months along, has hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness. She had been ordered to be on bed rest. "Kaya sobrang tutok ako sa kaniya. Ako ang kanyang P.A., driver, cook, lahat na!" Mike told Pep.ph

    Drew Arellano


    Aside from taking extra care of Primo after work, Drew has taken wife Iya Villania, who is about to give birth to their second son (she is already at 38 weeks as of this writing) any moment now, to a beach paradise for their second babymoon!

    JC Intal


    When Bianca feeds their daughter, JC feeds his wife. "So that everyone can eat," the soon-to-be mom of two wrote as a caption for the photo. Soon, Bianca and JC will equally share baby care duties when Bianca gives birth to their second baby.

    John Prats

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    This dad always had a "lampin" on his shoulder when daughter Lilly Feather was still a baby, a sign of being a hands-on father (on burping duty!). John will have his hands full soon as wife Isabel Oli is pregnant. 

    Marco Alcaraz

    Lara Quigaman describes her "yummy man" as the most patient husband and who loves to take care of her. "[Marco] buys me siomai in the middle of the night when I ask him to. He makes sure I have a pitcher of water beside our bed every night because he knows I get thirsty. He doesn't complain when I keep sending him downstairs to get me food," wrote the soon-to-be mom of two. 

    Troy Montero


    Ever since they announced their pregnancy, Troy has been accompanying Aubrey Miles to everything. "[Pregnancy] will definitely bring you closer together than you ever expected. From the late night craving runs to laying in bed together discussing what the baby could look like or if it's a girl or a boy," he wrote. 

    GP Reyes

    Dads often take over feeding or play time for their toddler to give mom a rest, and Andi Manzano's husband is no different. GP posted a photo of himself feeing their daughter Olivia at a party, presumably while his preggo wife relaxes in her seat.

    Blake Go

    His wife Divine Lee may be a bit possessive of their little bundle of joy, but Blake gets ample time with their son when he gets some sun in the morning and before bedtime. 

    Geoff Eigenmann

    Carrying the baby and being on top of the groceries? Yes, that's how Geoff rolls now that he's a dad to his and Maya's daughter Arabella Simone.

    Justin Pitt


    Cristalle Belo wrote about her husband, "He was my shoulder to cry on when I felt helpless (when Hunter got an infection) or frustrated (when Hunter wouldn’t latch). He is the master swaddler, carrier and diaper changer. He even played it cool when I know that he was scared and worried as hell." 

    Mark Escueta

    He has been with wife Jolina Magdangal's two pregnancies (son Pele and daughter Vika), accompanying her during checkups, lab tests and during tapings. Of course, with two kids, he's a master at feeding and burping the baby.

    Alwyn Uytingco


    Do you remember when Alwyn volunteered to take a sip of wife, Jennica Uytingco's placenta smoothie? Enough said.

    Jim Bacarro


    It took time before Jim opened up about his and wife Saab Magalona's traumatic birth experience, losing daughter Luna and making sure Pancho survived. Saab credits Jim for helping all of the family pull through during those dark days. 

    Adrien Semblat


    Like may new dads, Isabelle's husband Adrien has been in charge of burping and changing nappies. He also takes son Baltie on runs in the neighborhood and even hikes!

    Remember to take advantage of this perk, ladies! Your number one supporter and fan is none other than your fellow parent-to-be.

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