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  • 'Daddy Has Important Work To Do': How Parents In Public Service Are Coping In China

    The Chinese can be resilient in times of tragedy.
    by Kitty Elicay .
  • As China battles an outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus (nCoV), the nation has seen its fair share of heartwarming and heartbreaking moments from citizens who are trying to cope with their new normal. It’s especially harder for parents who are in the line of duty (like policemen and medical professionals) because they have to sacrifice and be away from their families to help those in need.

    5 stories of families in China coping with the 2019 nCoV outbreak  

    Here are five stories of Chinese families who trying to be resilient in times of tragedy and are not letting a new strain of virus beat them.

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    “Hopefully we’ll reunite with each other.”

    As medical professionals are called to heal the sick, they also have to be away from their families for a very long time. State-run media Xinhua News Agency published on Twitter the story of Dr. Yang Xiao, who has been away from home for a week, unexpectedly burst into tears while on a video call with her daughter. She became emotional because her baby could barely recognize her.


    “Did she look for mom?” she asked the person at the other end of the line. “No, she didn’t. She was looking for grandma,” was the reply.

    Yang still remained positive despite the situation. “I only want to tell my child, hopefully, the epidemic will end soon and we’ll reunite with each other. Everyone will be fine,” she said.

    “Stay at home, daddy has important work to do.”


    Just like Yang, Dr. Liu Xiaowei, a doctor in Shaanxi Province has not been home for a week as he was taking care of nCoV patients. In a touching video, Liu was interviewed by a media outlet and his son happened to see it on TV. The little boy immediately ran to the TV and called for him. “Papa, papa, papa… Where has papa been?” Liu’s son said.

    Visibly touched, Liu sent out a message to his kids. “I haven’t been home yet because of work, so I’d like to tell my children [to] just stay home. Daddy has important work to do,” he said.

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    Hungry but still fighting

    Police officer Yang Yutao chose to eat a bowl of instant noodles outside his house to contain the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. He did not even speak to his wife to avoid the possibility of spreading the virus. Yang got back to work and his wife took to social media to express her unconditional support for him.

    “I’ll do a year of household chores!”


    Nurses from all over China were re-assigned to Wuhan in Hubei province, which is believed to be the epicenter of the outbreak. In one video, a husband could be heard shouting at his wife, Zhao Yingming, who is a nurse, to be safe. He even said the words every woman wants to hear: “I’ll do a year of household chores!” In another clip, Zhao Yingming reassures her husband that she will come back safely so she can make sure that her husband will do a year’s worth of housework.

    Having fun indoors

    As some cities like Wuhan are in lockdown, people from other parts of China have also been advised to stay inside their homes. And families are finding ways to enjoy their time indoors, as you can see in this video. It’s a chance to bond and spend quality time together, too!

    The Department of Health has issued precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the 2019 nCoV. Click here to know more.

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