• Changing Families through Music: Teacher Suzette Yu-Kho of Kindermusik

    Discover how passion for music and early childhood education has helped this mompreneur carve a name for herself.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
  • Kindermusik 

    Suzette Yu-Kho, or Teacher Suzette, did not originally start out to be a Kindermusik educator. In fact, her background is in accounting and finance. In her younger days, she actually was a working student living on her own abroad. Before getting involved with Kindermusik, she ran a daycare and kiddie salon in a mall.

    However, when she became pregnant with her second child, Teacher Suzette decided to let go of her daycare center to concentrate on her own children, but promised herself that when her kids are older, she’d be back doing what she loves.

    The “Seeds” of a Love for Kindermusik
    “I was already interested in Kindermusik way back in 2002 — I was impressed with the feedback from parents online and I was interested in the methodology.  I truly believed in the program because I knew that children responded better to lessons once music was integrated,” Teacher Suzette adds.

    “I also believed in being very hands-on with your clients, so I knew that if I were to open a Kindermusik studio, I would be the full-time educator.  At that time, there wasn't a full-blown music and movement program in the Philippines yet, so I was apprehensive about getting into it and investing a lot because I didn't know how the market would respond to such a new concept,” she says.

    “I was aware that if I were to get into the Kindermusik program, I had to purchase expensive Kindermusik instruments even if I were to start out small, and this made me stop and think.  I wanted my children to be a bit older as well before venturing into a new enterprise.”

    However, years later, in 2007, Teacher Suzette’s father was diagnosed with cancer.  “I realized that life was short and we had better do what we wanted to do in life.  After all, my children were older then and I was no longer breastfeeding; so I took a chance and built up my program, never imagining that it would grow this much within just a few years,” she says.

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