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  • This Mom Has Many Jobs Including Playing an 'Extra' in Popular Teleseryes!

    Does her face look familiar? She has been an extra in Ang Probinsyano and Halik.
    by Kitty Elicay .
This Mom Has Many Jobs Including Playing an 'Extra' in Popular Teleseryes!
PHOTO BY courtesy of Candy Arcangel
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  • If you love watching primetime shows on television, chances are you will find Candy Arcangel's face familiar, but you can't seem to place where you've seen her. That's because she isn't playing a lead or a supporting acting role — she's an extra. But thanks to her bit role as a news anchor on Ang Probinsyano, one of the longest-running teleseryes in the Philippines, she now gets approached by curious citizens when she’s out and about.

    “Especially sa fast food chains, they would ask me, ‘Ma’am ikaw ba ‘yung news anchor sa Probinsyano?” Candy tells SmartParenting.com.ph. “I would joke, ‘Kapag ako, may discount ba?’”

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    Talk about multitasking mom

    Candy's acting stint started with commercials.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Candy Arcangel

    So how did Angel stumble upon the role? Candy is a bit of a multi-tasking momma of three. She is a club manager for a gym and does ‘rakets’ doing television commercials (TVC).


    “It’s really my passion. I met someone who referred me to an agency, and I guess I was lucky because I really had no idea about TVCs, but they still got me,” she shares.

    Candy’s first role was for a laundry detergent commercial where she played the role of a mom. “I did plays in elementary and high school, so I did my best, especially with the reactions. And I guess they liked me because from then on, I landed more commercials,” she shares.

    As Candy grew more confident, her agency decided to make her try out in Ang Probinsiyano in 2016. At first, she was just a background talent. But as she became more comfortable in front of the camera, she felt like she could do more.

    “I told the production team that I was ready for some speaking lines. They gave me a role as a court clerk, and they handed me a really long script I needed to memorize. I did my best and was able to do the scene in one take,” she tells Smart Parenting.

    The director took notice of Candy’s talent and offered her a meatier role — a news anchor for a fictional news channel in the show. The rest, as they say, is history.

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    A mom who knows what she wants

    Candy landed her 'big break' when she became a news anchor for Ang Probinsiyano.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Candy Arcangel
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    At 38, Candy feels lucky that she is able to pursue the things she loves. Though she doesn’t consider herself an actress, she has great respect for the industry and the craft. For her, it is a privilege to be working alongside industry greats.

    Her ‘rakets’ may seem glamorous, but Candy says it’s far from it. “Of course, ‘di naman ikaw ‘yung artista. Sometimes I have to wait. They will call me at 6 a.m., and then they will take my scene by 5 a.m. the next day,” she shares. “Ganon katagal ako mag-aantay. But then, I really love what I’m doing. So, okay lang. I just bring a book with me to read, or I use my phone.”

    As she works alongside famous actors, Candy says she has to maintain her composure. “You have to be respectful and stay humble. Kailangan wala kang attitude,” she says. “I don’t complain. I just think I’m here to act. I’m here to show them what I’ve got.”

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    Apart from acting, Candy has a day job — she's a club manager for a gym in Quezon City.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Candy Arcangel

    Since she already has a regular job as a club manager (she does marketing and social media for Snap Fitness, a gym in Quezon City), some people think she doesn’t need to work anymore including her husband who works overseas. He asked her to consider staying at home with the kids.

    “But I insisted. I wanted to work because I want to achieve something for myself. For me to be an effective mom and spouse, I also have to do the things I love,” Candy says. “Acting is my passion, and it makes me wiser. When I do things like planning, marketing, talking with people and going out, it helps me grow into a better person.”

    Her three kids, who are ages 16, 11, and 8, are proud of their mom. “Sometimes I bring them to work so they can see that I love what I’m doing. They love it when their classmates approach them and say that they saw me on TV,” she shares.

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    Mom is her favorite role, of course

    Though she juggles many jobs, Candy says she puts the family first when her kids need her.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Candy Arcangel

    Candy wears many hats, but she makes sure that she still has time for her kids. Though, she admits that sometimes doing a lot of things all at the same time can get exhausting.

    “There’s also this confusing feeling — you feel guilty when you work so much, and then you will also feel guilty if you don’t work enough.”

    The key is to know your priorities. Candy puts her family first, and she’s lucky that she has a regular job that understands her responsibilities as a mom. “The owners of the gym know that I have three kids. I tell them when I need to be in school for my kids, and they allow me to take a break. So, I can go and attend school events then go back to work after,” she shares.

    She also maintains a very close relationship with her children. “I have a teenager, so it’s very important to approach her like a friend so she can tell me everything. Pero alam din ng kids ko na I’m still their mom, and we have rules they need to follow. May certain sanction or punishment kapag hindi nila nagawa ‘yun,” she explains.

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    Lessons from acting

    Though she gets to work alongside famous actors like Jericho Rosales (she was an extra in the teleserye Halik), she says there's a basic etiquette when interacting with the stars.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Candy Arcangel

    Because her children are a little older, Candy is grateful that she can now allow time for acting. But apart from being able to do what she loves, she says she accepts gigs because her kids can also glean lessons from it.

    “I think it’s important for a mom to create moments for yourself. And you don’t have to limit yourself — you need to go out of your comfort zone so you can get to know yourself better,” she says. “It’s not forbidden to do something you love, regardless if you’re a mom or not. It’s a way of loving yourself as well. Your children will see that, and they will admire you. They will be inspired.”

    “We’re not just restricted to being moms. We need something to do to make ourselves feel complete.” — Candy Arcangel

    At her age, Candy isn’t afraid of failing anymore. And she doesn’t pay attention to what other people say about her. Those are things she also teaches her kids. “They have to be able to handle failure, and they have to know what to do if they fail,” she shares.

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    Candy has grown to love acting and pursues it as a passion.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Candy Arcangel
    Besides, acting gives her a different kind of fulfillment, and it motivates her to do better. “I love that people appreciate my talent. Lalo na when it’s a very challenging [role], and you are able to do everything they want, and na-exceed mo pa ‘yung expectations nila. Ang sarap ng feeling na kayo ko,” she shares.

    “What I love is that I discover something new about myself. Kaya ko pala ‘to? For example, I can’t cry but sa galing ng director, in one snap, I was able to cry [for a scene],” she explains. “’Yung emotions na hindi ko maipakita at home, dito ko nailalabas sa acting. I become a different person.”

    From being a talent to securing speaking lines and landing recurring roles, Candy is pretty satisfied with her progress. “I see myself five years from now having my own agency or maybe doing workshops where I can teach kids who also want to pursue what I do,” she shares.

    Truly, Candy is proof that moms can thrive and soar when they are allowed to do the things they love. Keep doing what you do, momma!
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