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  • The GOATs of ECQ: Mr. Grocery Shopper, Mr. Toymaker, And More!

    This is what modern fatherhood looks like in one picture.
The GOATs of ECQ: Mr. Grocery Shopper, Mr. Toymaker, And More!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Christian Apple Balinton
  • To say that community quarantine disrupted every Pinoy’s life is an understatement. It is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging things we’ve all experienced.

    Average Pinoys, however, showed tenacity and resilience. We saw many everyday heroes, including dads, affectionately called "tribute" by their families, as they stepped up to make sure their families are happy, healthy, and safe. 

    Here are three stories of outstanding dads who prove they are — as sports fans would say — their families' greatest-of-all-time (GOAT) player. See what their proud wives said about these men, as posted on Facebook and Smart Parenting Village:

    Mr. Grocery Shopper

    Photo by Courtesy of Megan Saliendra-Mateo.

    During the ECQ, only one person from each household was allowed to go out of the house to do essential errands like grocery shopping. In many families, like Megan Saliendra-Mateo’s, fathers took on this role.

    We loved the dads’ heartwarming dedication to the task, but sometimes we get reminders about why they are not always suited to the task. Just listen to Megan and the story of what her husband Ken did.

    “From the last grocery na ginawa niya, nagpabili ako ng new sets of PJs and pambahay ni LO kasi ang liliit na ng damit niya. Luckily, sa SM supermarkets ay meron available. And tonight, sinuot ko na ‘yung mga binili niya.

    Lalaki po si baby pero ‘yung damit niya is pambabae, ‘di ba? Pinagpipilitan kasi niya na hindi at unisex daw. So tama po ba siya? Don’t get me wrong. I found this funny, but he wouldn’t accept it,” Megan shared.

    Mr. Toymaker

    Photo by Courtesy of Christian Apple Balinton.

    Staying indoors for an extended period due to the quarantine may already be causing the kids to get bored and antsy. So, to avoid sumpong, parents have been coming up with activities to keep kids active and excited at home.

    Mommy Christian Apple Balinton’s husband Donald Ray took it upon himself to build their toddler a beautiful DIY kitchen playset!

    “Salute to all Tatay na gagawin ang lahat mapasaya lang ang babies nila,” she said.

    Mr. Woodworker

    Photo by Courtesy of Lea Yee.

    During the ECQ, many took advantage of staying at home by being productive and picking up new hobbies like baking, gardening, arts and crafts, and more. For mommy Lea Yee’s husband Derek, it’s woodworking.

    Lea calls it Derek's “new career”!

    Dads like Ken, Donald Ray, and Frederick show us what a #RealDad is: tough yet caring, especially when it comes to their families’ welfare. And to help boost the confidence of fathers everywhere as they do their dad duties, Dove Men+Care and Baby Dove wish to remind them to take care of themselves, too, and that there are no perfect fathers – just #RealDads. And that is okay!

    Have you shown your appreciation for dad today?

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