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  • The Mom-preneurs: Rica Geronimo (mom to Gabrielle and Isabelle) and Charmaine dela Luna (mom to Bianca and Kate)


    Their Business: Brussel Sprouts Clothing


    The Idea: Shopping for our kids is our favorite pastime! We realized that there must be a ton of mothers like us out there who wouldn’t mind spending on their children. Brussels Sprouts is a vegetable associated with children; therefore, we thought it would be a catchy name for our business.


    Why it’s unique: Brussel Sprouts is a different online store because we carry clothes and items that are all branded, mostly imported, stylish, and affordable! We personally source items abroad to assure customers that they are all good quality. We can proudly boast that our prices are tiangge prices but with much better quality than local overruns. Plus, we source fellow “mom-preneurs” here for items that are unique and not usually offered in the malls. Another great thing about our online business is that we can reach any mother in the Philippines and abroad with Internet access. We ship anywhere and everywhere!


    On balancing work time with family time:

    Rica: The great thing about this business is, we work from home majority of the time. It’s fantastic since it doesn’t really interfere with my family life. I can just stop when my kids need my attention. The family is the most important thing to me, while business is always going to be secondary.


    Charmaine: Working at home is a mother's dream since I get to supervise my kids almost 100% of the time. But this is also extremely challenging. It would be wonderful to just be able to stop everything when they want to play or when they need something, but the reality is, some things need to be the done at specific times. I try to get everything work-related done when they are at school so I can spend the rest of the day with them.



    Advice for other mom-preneurs:

    Rica: Don’t be afraid to try a business you truly believe in. If you feel in your heart it will work, then give it a go. If you don’t like what you are doing, then don’t do it. Life is too short! Your rate for success will be much higher if you have passion and you will also be more dedicated to it.


    Charmaine: If you have an idea germinating in your head, study it, plan it, and try to implement it the best way that fits your lifestyle and current financial situation. Talk to the family about your decision. There is never any harm in trying, but always be cautious and watch the bottom line. It might be fun but if it isn’t profitable, it might lead to bigger concerns in the future.


    Why they love being moms:

    Rica: I love being a mom because it gives me importance in this world to at least two little people. Being a mom has made me a better person. It teaches me to have an endless pit of patience, to be more understanding, to know the meaning of pure love, to be more selfless, and it brings me much closer to God.


    Charmaine: I love how hilarious it is being with two little kids—a total laugh trip! I admit that half the time I'm improvising since there is really no one way to parent a child. I love how it perpetually makes me improve myself and constantly exercise patience. It's also very humbling. Moms sometimes have the tendency to think that they are always supremely correct when there are times, we really aren't! Hahaha!

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    To order, visit brusselsprouts.multiply.com . Contact Rica at 0917-3227422 and Charmaine at 0917-8934537, or e-mail brussel_sprouts_clothing@yahoo.com.



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