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Starting E-Learning At Home? Moms Have Found These Tips and Tools Really Useful

Here's how to make e-learning work for you and your child.

Learning at home is becoming a new reality for our kids. Traditional schooling is out of the question for the time being, and this means parents will have to play a more critical role in their children’s education.

Thankfully, technology has made it easier for our kids to adapt to this new reality. Having the right kinds of educational tools, gadgets, and applications do a lot to ease this transition to e-learning.

During a recent Facebook Live powered by Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and streamed on Smart Parenting’s Facebook page, television and events host, radio DJ, and mom of two Riki Flores-Reyes chatted with two members of the Smart Parenting Mom Network, Luisa Beltran-Pua and Cherrie Magbanua. They shared practical tips, crucial insights, and their own experiences with e-learning.

In the live stream, the moms underscored the importance of using a multifunctional tablet, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, to effectively help kids learn and even boost their creativity. Below were the main points of the discussion.

1. Use gadgets that help empower kids to learn.

All three moms stressed the importance of embracing technology in these times. Kids are growing up in a technologically advanced world, and for parents to become effective teachers, they should be able to adapt.

When it comes to e-learning, having a multifunctional tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite can do wonders. It is built with innovative features designed to help empower kids — and their parents — to learn.

Unlike other tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite comes with the precise and ergonomic S Pen, which makes writing on the tablet easier than ever. Riki notes that the S Pen’s nib feels natural to write with, explaining that “it has a felt tip, which actually mimics the [feel of an] actual pen.”

For Luisa, having a stylus encourages kids to learn how to hold and use writing tools, saying that these days, kids are more adept at swiping on screens using their fingers than writing. “What’s really nice about the S Pen is that it will teach kids how to use a pen properly.”

Cherrie, who is an early childhood educator, agrees with this statement. “For toddlers, they are still learning the proper pencil grip and pre-writing skills.”

She adds, “The S Pen is really an amazing feature of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite kasi it reinforces, and it helps [kids] practice [writing grips] already, from palmer to tripod.”

When kids reach the tripod stage, they begin to create more precise lines or draw objects.

Riki shares that the S Pen has helped her daughter be more proficient in using a pen. “Because, I think, she started out with this, so she was used to ticking things off, writing, and drawing. [It’s] a really great tool to introduce writing.”

Luisa and Cherrie recommend using the S Pen with the PENUP app, a creativity application created by Samsung where kids can practice drawing, writing, tracing, and even coloring.

2. Let kids watch educational but fun shows.

Incorporating educational shows into your children’s screen time is another way to help them learn. With the help of a gadget like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, which has a 10.4-inch wide and immersive display, children can view lectures and watch educational shows on the tablet without interruptions.

Luisa says her daughter has switched to using this tablet for her screen time. “Because the screen of the tablet is so wide, para siyang may mini TV.”

She mentions Our Planet as a show her 2-year-old particularly likes because of her love of animals. Our Planet is on Netflix, which is already pre-installed on the tablet. “For some weird reason, [my daughter] likes snakes … ‘di ba dapat nakakatakot yun? But whenever she sees snakes, she would crawl on the floor and act like a snake.”

“It’s nice to watch kasi here [on the tablet] because of its resolution. Better pa nga than our TV, eh,” Luisa adds.

Cherrie shares that for daughter Zuri, the first Netflix show that “truly captured her heart” is Ask the Storybots. Because of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite’s amazing display and sound quality, her daughter enjoys learning about science through this animated series.

“The sound is really, really good quality! It’s like you’re there,” she says.

The tablet’s dual speakers create a 3D sound that allows both kids and parents to watch and listen to lessons and shows clearly.

For Riki, the tablet’s immersive display and resolution are also conducive for live video classes and meetings. “You can actually make video calls on this thing, and its resolution is so nice!”

“I enrolled my 4-year-old in an online taekwondo class, and he loves it!” she says. “I think it’s also because of the screen. Everybody looks so real on it.”

3. Take advantage of kid-friendly educational apps.

Learning these days shouldn’t be limited to books and videos. The moms all acknowledge that apps are a great way to supplement children’s learning. In fact, Samsung developed Samsung Kids, a feature in the tablet that offers a whole suite of fun and educational apps, designed for children.

Riki explains that Samsung Kids allows parents to create multiple profiles, perfect if you have more than one child at home. It’s also customizable, so you can install other kid-friendly apps within the interface.

Lisa’s Music Band, one of the built-in apps in Samsung Kids, is a favorite of Luisa’s daughter. This fun and immersive app teaches kids about different musical instruments and sounds. It even has a voice-recording feature for children who love to sing.

Cherrie describes Samsung Kids as a “learning playground,” saying, “When I checked out Samsung Kids, each and every app here is outstanding. Pero yung nag-stand out kay Zuri is Crocro’s Friends Village.”

Crocro’s Friends Village is a multi-level game that helps kids be more physically active through dance, learn essential life skills about hygiene and nutrition, encourage them to be more responsible and independent, and expand their vocabulary.

Riki, on the other hand, recommends Bobby’s Canvas, an art app that promotes creativity in kids. Here, children can doodle, draw, paint, and even play with sand. And with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite’s immersive display, Riki points out that kids have a “bigger canvas” to freely express themselves whenever they’re making art.

4. Be responsible for your kids' screen time.

One of the challenges in e-learning is managing your children’s screen time. Since kids will have to use gadgets to learn, parents should be mindful that they’re not overdoing it.

This is why having a Parental Control capability is essential. All three moms raved about this feature found in the Samsung Kids app during the live stream, saying that it truly makes it easier for them to manage their kids’ gadget use.

This feature lets parents know what apps their children use, how much time they spend on them, and the kinds of content they’re viewing.

“I love Samsung Kids,” Luisa begins. “It’s a safe haven for the kids. Finally, you can actually leave your tablet safe with [them]. Wala na silang magagalaw na iba. Wala silang mapu-purchase na apps, mabuburang important numbers, biglang tatawagan, or mase-send na email!”

It’s even customizable according to the child’s age group. “My daughter is only 2 years old, and even the shows na lumalabas sa YouTube or Netflix ay for her age group,” Luisa explains.

“You can’t get out of it,” Riki says about the app’s interface. “No matter how many times you click on that [home] button, you cannot get out. If you try to get out of it, it will ask you for a PIN.”

Samsung Kids also allows parents to control their kids’ screen time. “If you want your child to have only 30 minutes on this tablet, you can do that. You can switch it up on weekdays and weekends,” Riki explains.

If time is up, the Samsung Kids app goes on sleep mode. This then becomes a signal for your child to put down the tablet or return it to you.

5. Encourage your kids' interests.

Like your child’s daily routine when he or she was still going to school, having a home schedule where learning is integrated is essential. A clear and consistent routine creates structure and order in your kid’s day.

Make sure you also include your child’s interests in this routine. This means parents shouldn’t be dictating all of the activities their kids are doing at home.

“Mommies and daddies, make sure you also follow your child’s interests,” advises Cherrie. “It’s not just you all the time yung magdi-direct. It’s a combination of mommy-directed or parent-directed [according to the] schedule and child-directed activities sa isang buong araw.”

“So hindi lang ikaw yung nagdi-drive, you are also giving your child an opportunity to make decisions kahit na bata pa sila,” she adds.

Time to embrace e-learning, moms and dads! With the help of powerful and reliable e-learning devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and these moms’ tips, you can help empower your child’s learning at home.

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