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  • Food Discipline in Children: Who Gets to Decide?

    Read on to find out the real #SuperChoice in feeding your little one.
  • Feeding a growing child and instilling in her good eating habits can be such a challenge sometimes, and parents will often find themselves in a dilemma.

    Do we:

    a. Decide how much food goes into our child's plate and make her finish it, or

    b. We carefully choose the food we serve and let our child decide how much she wants to eat?

    While both choices ultimately benefit the child, option B serves as the #SuperChoice -- by giving your child the liberty to decide how much she wants to eat instead of forcing her to finish what’s on her plate, you are actually doing her more good than you imagined.

    According to Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibility in Feeding, which was recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child develops eating competence when parents decide what, when, and where she eats while she decides how much of the food served she consumes. Basically, parents should still take leadership in feeding their children while letting their children be self-directed in eating. This #SuperChoice lets the child accept food at her own pace and build confidence in eating.

    Here are 4 tips you should consider in feeding your pre-schoolers:


     1.    Serve nutritious food
    As parents, it is still your primary task to serve healthy foods, like fruits, vegetables, and fish, on the dining table. Avoid fried or oily foods, and don’t make it a habit to let your child snack on junk foods which add extra calories.

    2.    Set meal and snack times
    Set regular meal and snack times to ensure your child doesn't go hungry. You also need to keep your child focused on eating, nothing else. According to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco, an appropriate mealtime environment is important, so eat meals at a dining table, away from the TV, mobile phones, or video games.

    3.    Make mealtime a time to get to know each other
    Your child has begun to be curious and chatty at this age. It’s fun to hear her speak her mind and utter goofy things on almost anything. Take advantage of this phase to learn about how she feels about the food you serve. Ask her why it’s her favorite or why she dislikes it. From there, you can find better ways to serve her food in the future that’s both yummy and nutritious.

    4.    Choose the right drink to come with your child’s meal
    Be thoughtful when it comes to what your child drinks with her every meal. It is best to serve water or a glass of milk without sugar rather than sodas or sugary drinks. Your child should drink the #SuperChoice milk—NAN KID FOUR®.

    NAN KID FOUR® has PROTECT BUILD®, which has four ingredients specially formulated to support your child’s overall development. For a healthy tummy, NAN KID FOUR® contains Bifidus BL probiotics that will help inhibit the growth of harmful microbes in her gut. DENTA PRO® will improve your child’s dental health, while DHA enhances the functions of her brain and eyes. To complete the benefits of NAN KID FOUR®, its B-Complex helps to release energy for effective learning and play. NAN KID FOUR is a definite #SuperChoice, produced with the latest advances in nutritional science, and a partner in modern-day parenting.   

    To learn more about NAN KID FOUR® and how you can make more #SuperChoices for your child, log on to facebook.com/NANKIDFOUR.

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