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  • May Naamoy Ka Ba? Moms Reveal Their Funniest Leaking Diaper Stories

    This is why choosing a reliable diaper is crucial!
May Naamoy Ka Ba? Moms Reveal Their Funniest Leaking Diaper Stories
PHOTO BY Seema Savoie, Moise Santos-Aquino, and Alyssa Jimeno
  • We love our babies — there’s no question about that — but we are also well aware that it can still be shocking to see how much poo and pee come out of their little bodies.

    Leaking diapers are no fun, but they sure make for hilarious stories when we need a good laugh. Just check out these snippets from the disastrous diaper diaries of Smart Parenting Mom Network members Moise Santos-Aquino, Seema Savoie, and Alyssa Jimeno.

    The Morning Poop-losion

    Breakfast in bed is what comes to mind when we think of a morning surprise. But that’s not the kind of thing Moise, a 35-year-old business development manager, woke up to one morning, courtesy of her 15-month-old son.

    Photo Courtesy of Moise Santos-Aquino.

    “I woke up one morning and smelled something stinky. Usually, the smell would only come from one direction — my baby’s diaper. But this time, I could smell it when I turned my head left and right,” Moise said.

    “I tried to cover my face with the blanket, but the smell got stronger. Then I realized that my baby's poop was all over the sheets and even on my clothes! Goodbye, fresh white sheets!”

    Something S-poop-tacular

    Candies and other sweet snacks are what we get when we go trick-or-treating. But for 30-year-old credit manager Seema and her husband, the treats weren’t sweet at all.

    Photo Courtesy of Seema Savoie.

    During a trick-or-treat party in their village a couple of years ago, the mom noticed her son behaving oddly. At first, Zacha was having fun during the Halloween activities. Then, he suddenly stopped walking and just stood at a corner.

    “We thought he was just tired with all the walking,” Seema explained. “So my husband decided to carry him and placed him on his shoulders. But the moment he did, [my husband] shouted, ‘Yuck!’

    Apparently, Zacha’s bum felt wet and mushy, prompting his dad to immediately put him down.

    And then Seema saw it: “[There was] poop all over [my husband’s] shoulders and nape! We had to go home immediately, and we weren’t able to finish the whole trick-or-treat activity!”

    Poop! He Did It Again ... And Again

    Alyssa, a 23-year-old entrepreneur, is no stranger to diaper leaks. This is why she tries to be prepared by packing as many diapers as possible, especially when going out pre-pandemic.

    But of course, there is no guarantee that things will turn out incident-free all the time.

    Photo Courtesy of Alyssa Jimeno.

    “We were trying this diaper brand for the first time, and as a first-time mommy, I really wanted to expand my knowledge about diapers [and find out] which one is the best,” Alyssa said.

    The diaper trial didn’t go as planned. “[We were strolling] around the mall, [and I realized] we would often change my son’s diaper as it leaks easily, like every 30 minutes to an hour!”

    “That time, we only brought four pieces of diapers, and I thought, pauwi naman na kami, so there’s no need to buy emergency diapers,” she shared.

    “When we were heading home, we heard a loud fart! [I saw] my son getting agitated sa discomfort.”

    Apparently, the poo had already leaked all over her child’s car seat, Alyssa said. “I had to improvise and use his lampin as his temporary diaper — all while praying na hindi na siya mag-poop or mag-pee!”

    While funny stories like these never get old, moms know that it’s best to keep them in their memories rather than go through it all over again.

    For Moise, Seema, and Alyssa, these incidents helped them realize the importance of choosing a reliable diaper brand — one that’s snug, absorbent, and presko to help keep their babies feeling happy and comfortable.

    As Moise said: “After all those mishaps, I realized that it’s so important to choose a good brand for my baby’s comfort and for my own peace of mind. I no longer want to wake up with poop all over me!”

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