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45 Times People Realized They Have Become Parents: 'Poop in Your Hand is Not Disgusting'
  • Becoming a parent changes you in so many ways: physically, mentally, emotionally. You might not realize it at first, but there are tiny details that slip that let other people know you’re a parent, whether it’s knowing all the songs of your child’s favorite show or knowing how to change diapers with your eyes closed.

    45 ways you have become a parent

    There are things that only fellow parents understand, so we asked our followers from our Facebook page, Smart Parenting, to complete the sentence: “You know you’re a parent when _______.” Needless to say, there were pretty funny revelations, and we’re sure parents will be able to relate to some, if not all, of them.

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    You know you’re a parent when…

    1. You wash someone else’s poop in between meals. — Con Flores

    2. You can no longer sleep soundly. You just take cat naps! — Shila Sn


    3. You forget what day it is today — Tin Tin Cardines

    4. You forget to comb your hair after taking a bath — Carla Reyes-Salenga

    5. Milk and diaper are the first things that come to mind every sweldo. — Julie Ann Puga

    6. You sing nursery rhymes while taking a shower — Irish Kamille

    7. You’re in a rush to go home after work because you miss your kids. — Aileen Urbano

    8. Everything you eat is cold. — Ani Corpuz

    9. You breastfeed while you eat. — Jo Ann

    10. You go out to buy something for yourself and end up buying what your baby needs, instead. — Yuri Orogan Caguioa

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    11. You don’t want to get up early but you have to prepare breakfast. — Emely Dumalag

    12. You spend time cleaning the house, but in the end, it will still look the same — Joie Go Bautista

    13. You’re excited to tuck them into bed, whether it’s naptime or bedtime, because hey, it’s finally me-time! — Mitchy de Leon

    14. You realize having poop in your hand is not that disgusting. — Joana Marinho Dias

    15. You see the bed as heaven. — Pangga Dela Pena Caubic

    16. You say “No!” 1,000 times a day. — Vianne Ennaiv

    17. You have baby wipes on hand all the freaking time. — Chichi Angela Mulbeya

    18. Four hours of sleep makes you feel like a superhero! — Jennylyn Cuarto

    19. You wonder whether the brown spot on the shirt is chocolate or poop. — Lizzy Lizzy

    20. You always remind the bagets, “Iuwi ang baunan.” — Gly Galvez

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    21. You’ve already memorized every episode of Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol. — Lyka Gonzaga

    22. You find toys everywhere in your purse. — Roxanne De Leon

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    23. Fall asleep really fast and also wake up in a flash when you hear your baby cry. — Jays Lim

    24. The only ‘gala’ for you is doing the groceries. —Mareyroch Ponce Bravo

    25. You step on that f***** Lego!

    26. You can do anything using only one hand. — Nyce Nyza

    27. You get excited whenever there’s a diaper sale. — Joycie Ramos

    28. You no longer have a peaceful trip to the toilet. — Daine Reyes

    29. Kapag aalis ng bahay, uunahin mong paliguan ang mga anak mo. Panghuli ka na. — Nonette Villegas

    30. You have all the discount cards for supermarket and drugstores. — Ma. Katrina Labiano

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    31. May audience ka sa loob ng C.R. — LyCon’s Roremse

    32. You get to work and you find yourself singing ‘Old McDonald…’ — Kim NZ

    33. You have snacks, water, toys, and wipes in your bag. Forget all the cute handbags in the store — you use a big backpack! — Rouenna Magaso-Ricare

    34. You have to hide so you can eat junk food and M&M’s. — Mel Cordero

    35. Your labada is walang katapusan — Cher Degollacion

    36. Silence is suspicious. — Badeth Gumapac

    37. Bibili ka ng gamit nila pikit mata kahit mahal pero gamit mo babaratin mo pa tindera. — Rhiz Padilla

    38. You always hear “mommmmmmmmy.” — GS Sudario

    39. You are not allowed to get sick. No sick days, no sick leave. — Karen

    40. You’re a top fan at the Smart Parenting Facebook page. — Avigail Hermosura

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    41. You’re eating your son’s leftovers. — Katcen Kae Verzano

    42. ‘Netflix and chill’ means watching the entire season of Peppa Pig and a bunch of  Disney movies!

    43. You feel pity and not anger toward the parent of the baby who’s screaming in public places. — Kelly  Morgan


    44. Your toddler spits out their food, tapos mabilis mong nasalo and you eat it. — Aireen Amboy

    45. You can’t close the bathroom door because someone is keeping an eye on you. — Pauline Estiva Ascutia

    No matter how tiring, weird, and gross parenting can be, one thing’s for sure: Parents still think it’s one of the best and most fulfilling responsibilities in the world. As one parent said, “Your house is a mess, but you don’t care as long as your children are happy, fed, and clean.”

    What was that moment when you realized you were a parent? Add it in the comments!

    *Answers were edited for clarity

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