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  • On or Offline, It’s About Gentle Words and Kindness, Says Maine Mendoza

    'Instead of fighting back, these people need to be treated with kindness and compassion,' she says.
On or Offline, It’s About Gentle Words and Kindness, Says Maine Mendoza
  • With her incredible rise to fame, actress and television personality Maine Mendoza isn't immune to the adoration of thousands-and the cruelty of some. Being subjected to online bashing practically every day is incredibly stressful and isn't a plight you'd wish on anyone. Maine, who recently partnered with Zonrox GentleClean, shared with us how she deals with negativity both online and off.

    "Instead of fighting back, these people need to be treated with kindness and compassion," she says. Indeed, Maine is known for her sweet nature, making her the perfect partner to Zonrox GentleClean.Its milder formulation is no less effective against stains, but is gentler on fabrics and milder on hands.

    Here's what Maine has to say about her gentle approach to the more unsavory parts of her job-when many others like her would succumb to the negativity-and the ways she copes with bad attitudes and bashing:

    1. Focus on the positive.

    When you're surrounded by so much negativity, seek out the positive instead. "With social media nowadays, it's inevitable," Maine points out. "I'd say try not to focus on the negative stuff. There are people who appreciate you for who you are and what you do, and they are the ones who matter."

    Maine's mom Mary Ann always reminds her to focus on her blessings. "She tells me that there are still a lot of good things in life to focus on-like the people I get to inspire and those who love me unconditionally!" she adds.

    2. Practice the art of deadma.

    It can be as simple as staying away from negative discussions. "No response is a response. Though sometimes I answer back when I feel like putting some people in their place," Maine says, laughing. She maintains that even when she feels the urge to confront a basher, she still does it with respect. "Without any harsh words naman." Truly, Maine's gentleness is one of her trademarks, and it proves to be effective.

    3. Respect different views.

    "Don't become violent and hateful toward anyone just because their views and opinions differ from yours," Maine reminds us. "Spreading hatred is not only a cruel thing to do; it's also a huge waste of time and energy."

    4. Talk to your family and friends about it.

    "Talk to your family about your problems. They are the only ones you can really trust. No matter what happens, they'll never throw you under the bus," she reiterates. Maine's mom reassures her that she will always have her family to lean on in times of sadness and difficulty. "That's good enough for me; knowing I have my friends and family on my side all the time."

    5. Live your life!

    "Don't let those bullies put you down. While social media plays a big part in my life-and other people's lives as well-we should always be reminded that we have lives outside social media," Maine says. "You have a life to live! And life is so much brighter and better when we focus on things that truly matter. Live a beautiful life, and be happy!"

    Kindness and gentle words are the hallmarks of good manners and help you find inner peace. Maine proves that you don't need to fight fire with fire in any aspect of life, from dealing with conflict to dealing with tough dirt and stains on your clothes. This is why she also chooses "labang Gentle" every day. She gets to keep her clothes as fresh and as spot-free as her perspective on life with Zonrox GentleClean.

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