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  • Helene Sonza of Baby Chic Boutique: Cloth Diapers Make Happy Mommies

    Helene Sonza's newly-opened online store has been extremely busy and blessed after only a year. Read on and be inspired by her mompreneur story.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
  • Helene Sonza

    Helene started her business in February of 2012. According to her, the idea was “to offer pretty things such as headbands, flower clips, socks and leg warmers for little girls,” as she felt that the market needed more of these items.

    “I gave birth to my daughter in December 2011, and it seemed the perfect time to offer new items that I could test and try on my baby girl,” Helene explains.

    “Then I discovered cloth diapers and I immediately got hooked! They are just so adorable and wonderfully eco-friendly as well, and you really see the savings pile up when you don't have to buy disposables every week,” she adds. “So now the main products of my online shop are cloth diapers, because they are truly ‘chic’ and adorable and great for the environment, too.”

    Helene actually holds two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. “Before I started my business, I worked as a nurse in a tertiary hospital here in my hometown. It was backbreaking work with little pay, and then I discovered freelance writing and started taking jobs on a per project basis,” she shares.

    Currently, Helene is a work-at-home mom with two “sides.” “When my income from my part time freelance writing projects exceeded my ‘salary’ as a nurse, I decided to quit my job and focus on freelancing,” she says. “My freelance writing jobs are actually the main reason I was able to open Baby Chic Boutique last year. I still do freelance writing in addition to managing my online business.”

    Since Baby Chic Boutique is a home-based business, most of the transactions are done online or by phone. Helene says that for her, the main advantage of being home-based is being able to be with her kids and manage the household even while doing business. “It also means I can work on my own time and own pace. With a home-based business, I can entertain customers even at 12 a.m. through text, chat or email,” she shares.


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