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  • Getting a Home Security Camera Doesn't Make You Paranoid, as This Mom Discovered

Getting a Home Security Camera Doesn't Make You Paranoid, as This Mom Discovered
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  • Being a parent means you worry about your kids’ safety 24/7, especially when you’re not physically with them and have to leave them in the care of others.

    All you want is for your babies to be safe from harm and to avoid any untoward incidents in your home. It doesn’t help that there’s an abundance of news reports about nannies or helpers mistreating children.

    Eljay Cabual-Mamawal and her husband installed a home security camera in their home when they realized their infant son would be alone with his yaya for hours a day. They wanted to be able to see what their son was doing during the day since the couple spends long hours at work.

    A wise decision

    Getting a home security camera turned out to be a wise decision. Eljay saw an incident on video that, while not precisely criminal, alerted her to a potential threat and helped her prevent more serious issues.

    The couple’s stay-in nanny, Nina*, had already been with them for six months, and Eljay was satisfied with Nina’s work. Knowing that Nina’s 10-year-old daughter had nowhere else to live, the couple allowed the girl to stay with the family in their condo.

    One day, Eljay happened to view the footage from the home security camera and was shocked to see a stranger in their home. Nina’s daughter had brought a friend over despite Eljay’s instructions not to allow outsiders in their home.

    “I was so shocked knowing that an unfamiliar face was inside our own house!” recounts Eljay. “My mom instinct kicked in! I panicked a bit as I looked for my son through the [home security cam] app to see if he’s okay.”

    Her worry only increased when she had difficulty contacting her yaya, but she continued to monitor what was happening on the app.

    The conversation your yaya needs to hear

    Luckily for Eljay and her son, nothing terrible happened that day. The mom knew, however, that it was time to have an important conversation with her son’s nanny.

    “I had to remind Nina that I don’t allow any visitors to come to our house without our permission. I was worried that if we tolerate strangers coming in and out of our home, it may lead to something worse,” explains Eljay.

    “I didn’t want to be too negative, but I wanted to avoid issues like unknowingly having thieves, or worse, [in our home].”

    Like many parents, Eljay knows that one of the most important rules of safety and security is to never let strangers inside your home. She was thankful that she was able to catch the incident on video and talk to her helper.

    “Fortunately, we were able to handle the issue. I calmly talked to Nina and asked her about the unknown visitor. I let her know that I am not okay with it and reiterated our house rules, which she then understood. A year later, she is still with us, and that scenario never happened again,” says Eljay.

    According to Eljay, she feels enormous relief that they have a security tool in place — not just for her family’s safety, but for her peace of mind as well.

    Fellow parents can do the same and install a video security tool in their home to prevent such incidents. After all, these security features aren’t just for monitoring potential safety threats outside your house but inside as well.

    The PLDT Home Advanced Fam Cam is a home security tool that can help you watch over your kids and your home wherever you are. Powered by PLDT Home Fibr, Fam Cam provides you with real-time video feeds of your home that you can monitor through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop using the MyDlink application. The Advanced Fam Cam package also lets you talk to your loved ones through the device with its built-in two-way mic and speaker.

    Having a security tool like the PLDT Home Advanced Fam Cam will do wonders for your peace of mind. It will allow you to go about your responsibilities as a parent while guaranteeing that you can remain connected to your kids.

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